Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger Can Charge Apple Watch And AirPods At The Same Time

Tired of carrying separate chargers for your Apple Watch and AirPods? Then Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods charger is for you. This tiny accessory is designed to make the life of iPhone users easier by allowing them to charge their Apple Watch and AirPods with the same accessory.

What makes Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger unique is the fact that it can charge both the Watch and AirPods despite these two devices featuring different wireless charging standards. While both AirPods and AirPods Pro feature Qi Wireless charging like the iPhone, the Apple Watch charges with Apple’s proprietary wireless charging technology making it incompatible with the common Qi wireless charging standard.

This accessory cleverly offers both Qi wireless charging and Apple’s own Apple Watch wireless charging support by having two built-in charging modules. Thanks to this the accessory can wirelessly power two devices at once, with Apple Watch on one side and AirPods on the other.

It also does not require users to carry cables, as it can directly be plugged into the USB-C port of the device. And since it plugs into a USB-C port, users can even plug it in in their iPad Pro or iPad Air and use their iOS device to recharge Apple Watch and AirPods, which is very useful.

In addition to its tiny footprint it is made with sleek aluminium design that looks very similar to the overall aesthetics of Apple’s own devices.

You can buy the Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger from Apple Store where it is available for $49.95. You can order it today and expect it to be delivered to your doorstep after March 11, 2021.

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