Semi-Restore Tool Gains iOS 9 Support, Lets You ‘Semi-Restore’ Device Without Losing Jailbreak

Semi-Restore iOS 9

The super handy Semi-Restore tool that allows users to ‘semi-restore’ their jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has received a major update. Following the update the tool now fully supports iOS 9. This means if you have a jailbroken iOS device that is causing problems, now instead of having to upgrade it to latest iOS version and losing your jailbreak, you can ‘semi-restore’ iOS on it.

Semi-Restore is a useful tool that removes all tweaks and apps installed from Cydia, erases user data and fixes permissions on iOS. Doing so can solve a lot of problems that users are experiencing on their jailbroken devices. This tool tries to fix problems that a normal restore would do. Without Semi-Restore users would have to update their device to a firmware being signed by Apple as there is no way to restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to an older iOS version. This in most cases could result in user losing the jailbroken state of their device.

Currently Semi-Restore tool is available on Windows and Linux operating systems. While OS X version has not been released yet, Mac users can still use the tool on their computer by installing Ubuntu or Windows on their machines. While this is not ideal it will get the job done. We hope a native OS X version of the tool will be released soon.

You can download the Semi-Restore tool for iOS 5.0 to iOS 9.1 for free using the links below

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