Top 4 Sports Games You Should be Playing Right Now

One of the many things iPhones are really good at is gaming. There are plenty of iOS games out there that let you a great handheld gaming experience while on the go. We have previously written about the games you should download on your device, and today we are going to do the same. Here in this roundup we have listed top 4 sports games that you should be playing on your iPhone right now.

Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

Fifa 16 Ultimate Team iPad

If you are looking for a good sports game and aren’t playing FIFA, then you are missing out. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team brings the FIFA experience to iPhone and iPad, with console level graphics and gameplay that has refined over the years. The game features an all new engine than previous versions of the game, ability for users to build and manage their own teams, play out challenges, choose from over 10,000 real world players and more.

Football Rules


Available through’s, this arcade is rather simple yet so fun and addictive. Football Rules online slots allows you to play both for free or with real money, it’s your choice, and whatever you choose you will surely have a good time. The objective is straightforward: beat the goalkeeper.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars iOS

Basketball Stars is the best basketball game available on the iOS platform. It allows users compete with thousands of players online and play in different modes that involve defending and attacking strategies. You can also dress up your player, buy merchandise and much more. Basketball Stars is available for free.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 iPad

If you are looking for a mobile game that can compete with any console racing game out there then Real Racing 3 is the game for you. It offers an incredibly accurate racing experience with up to 39 circuits and 17 real world locations. The game features a 43 car grid and has over 140 highly detailed real world cars. There are many modes that this game offers including time trials, multiplayer racing, social leaderboards and more. You can download Real Racing 3 from the App Store for free.

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