10 Awesome Features iOS 10 Brings to Messages

Messages new iOS 10

With iOS 10 Apple has given Messages app the attention it deserved by bringing a number of useful and fun features to it. Apple has not only added some cool features to the Messages app but has also opened it up to third-party developers who will be able to use the new iOS 10 Messages framework to build extensions. These extensions will allow users to perform different actions such as share content, make payments, add stickers to their chats and much more. Read on to learn about all the awesome new features iOS 10 brings to iMessages.

Stickers and other extensions

Messages Stickers iOS 10

One of the biggest features introduced in iOS 10 is opening of Messages app to third-party developers. Now developers will be able to build iMessage extensions for their apps, allowing users to have stickers, payment methods, ability to summon a cab and much more without even leaving the Messages app. There’s a dedicated App Store button built right into the Messages app that users can tap to access the extensions. By default Apple is offering a Music app extension that lets users share what they are currently listening to on Apple Music. There are default stickers too from the original Mac just to show how stickers would work. Just like Chinese apps like Line, developers will be able to sell sticker packs to users.

Dramatic bubble and screen effects

Balloon effects iOS 10 Messages

iOS 10 brings dramatic bubble and screen effects to iMessages, so you can say more than just words. After typing a message you can force tap on the send button to choose from the bubble effect you want to include in the message, this includes Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink effects. You can also tap on the ‘Screen’ tab and add full screen effects to your message. Full screen effects include Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting star.

Reaction bubbles for messages (Tapback)

Thought bubbles iOS Messages

You can add thought bubbles to other people’s messages by tapping and holding them. Apple is calling this feature Tapbacks. You can choose from heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, haha, emphasize (!!) and question (??). This gives users the ability to react to other person’s message without sending messages. This seems very similar to how you can react to statuses on Facebook or other social websites.


Scribble iOS 10

Starting iOS 10 you will be able to send handwritten messages to your friends. To write a message simply turn your device in landscape mode and type with your finger. Once you have written your message simply hit the ‘Done’ button and you are good to go.

Sketch, Tap + Hold and Single taps

Sketch feature iOS 10

Apple has finally added the Watch inspired interactive messages to iOS Messages app. Now you can create a sketch with your finger right on your iPhone and send it to your friends. You can also tap and hold on the screen to send a heart beat effect. If you want to send watch like taps, then you can also perform single taps on the screen, which are then translated as vibrations on receiver’s phone or watch. The addition of these features will allow iPhone users to receive special messages from Watch users and vice versa.

Better photo sharing

iOS 10 Message Photo sharing

Apple improved photo sharing in iOS 9 and has made it even better in iOS 10. Now you can tap on photo button to access the photo sharing screen. There you will find a live camera view that lets you take a quick photo of what’s in front of you and send it right away. The images stored in your library are shown in easy to scroll tile view. You can also markup photos and videos before sending them by drawing on them, zooming on particular part of the image, add text or simply writing on it.

Emoji replacement

iOS 10 Messages Emoji

If you find adding emojis to your messages annoying you are going to love this new iOS feature. After typing your message you can tap on the emoji button, after which iOS will scan the text you have entered and will suggest which words you can directly replace with emojis. For example, you can replace the word pizza in your sentence with pizza emoji ?. So “Pizza for dinner?” becomes “?for dinner?”.

Larger emojis

Larger Emojis iOS 10

Apple has increased the size of Emojis in conversation views, so now they appear three times larger than they used to before.

Read Receipts for individual conversations

Individual read Receipts iOS 10

Now you can turn off read receipts notifications for individual conversations. Previously if you wanted to turn off read receipts you would have to turn it off for everyone, however with iOS 10 you can choose who can receive read receipts and how cannot. Now you can also enable DND for particular conversations in Messages.

In-line previews for web pages and media

In-line Previews Messages

iMessage has finally gained the ability to show in-line previews for web links and media shared during the conversations. Now when someone shares a Twitter URL you will be able to view the whole tweet right inside the Messages app without having to click on the link. Similarly if the link contains videos or photos they will also be shown on the conversation screen.

The new Messages app will be available with iOS 10 that is currently in beta and will be launched for everyone in the fall. Make sure you follow our full iOS 10 coverage here.

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  1. Uhm…Apple? These things are great and all, but WHERE IS MY GOSHDARNIT DARK MODE???

    I’m guessing Jony Ive’s ego won’t allow a dark mode.

  2. why does receiver now have to tap on url to see photos sent with ios 10 message app? Used to be the photos would pop up with the message.

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