WhatsApp Is Testing iPad Support For Its App

We have been hearing about WhatsApp’s arrival on the iPad for many years. With WhatsApp’s recent testing of multi-device compatibility it seems like the support for tablet might arrive sooner than later.

WhatsApp enthusiast website WABetaInfo is reporting that Facebook, which owns WhatsApp is working on multi-device 2.0, which includes the ability to link with an iPad.

In our previous post about WhatsApp multi-device support feature we reported that the service is working on making changes that will allow users to use their account on up to 4 devices other than their primary smartphone.

The smartphone will not be required to be connected to the Internet in order for WhatsApp to work on secondary devices. This is different from WhatsApp’s current Web and desktop clients that require the users to have an iPhone nearby and connected to the Internet at all times.

In addition to iPad, WhatsApp also has plans to include Android tablets in its multi-device features.

WhatsApp will bring native support for iPadOS and plans to launch the WhatsApp application for the iPad as well.

Still no details about when WhatsApp will officially launch on the iPad have been shared. We will update you when the app has launched on iPad.

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