You Can Now Purchase USB-C Apple Pencil

Apple’s budget-friendly USB-C Apple Pencil is now available for purchase. Apple announced this new Apple Pencil last month at the price of $79. It joins the Apple Pencil 2nd generation and Apple Pencil 1st generation, bringing the Apple Pencil lineup count to three.

What makes the USB-C Apple Pencil different from the Apple Pencil 2 is its lack of wireless charging support. This particular Apple Pencil charges via a USB-C port that can be accessed by pulling its back. Even though it does not wirelessly charge, you can still magnetically stick it to your iPad.

It also lacks pressure sensitivity and double tap gesture support, which are available on both Apple Pencil 2 and Apple Pencil 1 which was released back in 2017.

Apart from those two features, the USB-C Apple Pencil offers all the features of the Apple Pencil 2. This includes low latency, tilt sensitivity, matte finish, ability to stick to the iPad magnetically, iPad Pro hover feature, etc.

You can order a USB-C Apple Pencil from Apple’s website here.

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