Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger Is The Only Apple Device Charger You Will Ever Need (Review)

Those who own multiple devices such as a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and more know having a powerful charger has become a necessity you cannot escape. Thankfully there’s no shortage of GaN fast chargers out there that offer the ability to charge 3 and even 4 devices simultaneously at their full charging capacities.

Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W Review

Ugreen has always been at the forefront of the charging revolution, and its brand-new Nexode Pro 160W 4-port GaN charger is no exception. This is the charger that we are going to review in detail today.

Features and design

Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W Review

The Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger features 4 ports. This includes 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port. This means you can charge your USB-C devices with this charger with ease while also having the old USB-A charging port for whenever you need it.

The Nexode Pro 160W charger as its name suggests is a 160W charger, so it has plenty of power to smartly distribute among connected devices.

Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W Review

Single device charging: It has a PD 3.1 Fast Charging C1 port that is capable of providing 140W fast charging to the connected device. Using this powerful port you can charge your 16-inch MacBook Pro at 140W. With these fast charging speeds, you can charge your MacBook Pro from 0% to 50% in just 27 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

Two-device charging: When charging two devices you can expect your devices to charge at up to 100W and 60W charging speeds from the USB-C ports.

Three-device charging: When used to charge three devices the charger intelligently distributes 65W, 65W, and 30W speeds to all three of its USB-C ports while 22.5W is given to the USB-A port if that is used.

Four-device charging: Need to charge four devices at the same time? Then you can expect USB-C1 and USB-C2 ports to output 65W power each while the USB-C3 and USB-A ports will output 5V3A.

The Nexode Pro 160W charger is made with the GaNInfinity chip, which provides fast and efficient power to all connected devices while allowing the charger to remain lightweight and small in size.

When it comes to design, Ugreen has introduced many design improvements over the previous generations of its chargers. The build quality on this charger is excellent and unlike many chargers out there this one is pleasant to look at.

The new design looks more sleek and futuristic and offers two-tone colors including Space Grey and Black. You also get subtle Ugreen branding on the side along with the charging capacity information, which in this case is 160W.

The Nexode Pro 160W charger is small but it is still bigger than other Ugreen chargers. The bigger size of the charger makes it suitable for home and office use, however, you can also carry it in the backpack whenever you need. It has dimensions of 3.62*1.92*0.59 inches. Those looking for a charger that is even more compact should check out the Ugreen Nexode Pro 100W.

My Review

Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W Review

I have been using the Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger for over a month now. I have used this charger for charging my 16-inch MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, AirPods, Cameras, Bluetooth Speakers, and much more. After extensively testing this charger I am ready to share my review.

In my opinion, the Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger is an excellent charger for power users who need to charge multiple devices simultaneously and want to get rid of charger clutter. Whether you own a MacBook and iPad, or multiple MacBooks, this is the only charger you will ever need at home.

The power output capabilities on this charger as well as the compact size make it the ideal charger for power users. The fact that it offers three USB-C ports and a bonus USB-A port for older devices makes it perfect for travelers who do not want to carry separate charging bricks for all their devices.

Even though the weight and size of this GaN Charger are on the higher side when compared with its smaller siblings, the fact that it offers 160W charging capacity makes the extra weight worth every gram.

The build quality and looks on this charger are also amazing and I am a big fan of Ugreen product’s color scheme as it matches the aesthetics of the MacBook Pro and other Apple devices very nicely.

Our Rating

We rate Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger 10/10.

Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger

Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger
10 10 0 1
Total Score
The best

Pricing and availability

You can get the Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger from Ugreen’s official website for $119.99. You can get a 15% discount on the charger using the code NexodePro.

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