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One of the many benefits of jailbreaking your iOS device is that you get root access to your device, which means you can add or remove files on your iPhone or iPad and do things unimaginable without a jailbreak. iFile has been everyone’s favorite file manager app until now but it seems like it has got some serious competition with the release of Filza File Manager app for iOS. This new app for jailbroken iOS device is now available in Cydia for download.

Designed for iOS 7 or above Filza File Manager features useful capabilities including file viewer using which you view text files, pictures, videos, install app IPA, install DEBs and more. The app is capable of executing shell scripts, share files between a computer and iOS device through Air browser, copy or move files as well as compress and decompress them.

Filza File Manager (2)

Filza File Manager features a nice flat design that suits well with iOS 7 (and iOS 8’s) flat user-interface, giving it a native feel. The interface of the app seems very user friendly as it has multiple viewing modes including list and grid views making navigation and locating a file easier. The app also features built-in search feature.

You can download Filza File Manager for free by installing the trial version. Then if you feel like using it permanently then license can be purchased at $5.99.

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  • Binh

    I like it. nice app. much better than iFile

  • Q

    just use open ssh. access files wirelessly. problem solved.

  • Aonoymous

    OR get it for free from the BYA Repository

  • CreechLP

    Where is to Download?

    • Just open Cydia and search for ‘Filza File Manager’.

      • jason hirsh

        doesn’t find it has it been taken down??

  • blasted_pingin

    The article forgets to mention a download link… Thanks for the half info 😉

    • Just open Cydia and search for ‘Filza File Manager’. There’s no need to link for things that are available through Cydia since you still have to open the app and search.

      • Khalid

        i feel u bro, although it being a year.