Bang! Case For iPhone Adds An Extra Action Button To iPhone 15 And iPhone 14

Bang! Case for iPhone is the world’s first iPhone case that adds a customizable Action button to various iPhone models. Bang! Case’s Bang! button can be used to perform any action quickly using the hardware button on the case’s right side.

Bang! Case for iPhone

Users can assign various actions to the Bang! button. This includes different system actions like accessing the home screen, opening the Control Center, turning on the flashlight, launching the Camera or an app, and more. In addition to that you can quickly trigger any Shortcut of your choice by pressing the Bang! button, which opens up a wider range of possibilities for this case.

Bang! button offers three different click settings. You can press the button once, twice, and long press on the button. Each setting triggers a different action, allowing you to perform three different actions from the same button.

The Bang! Case communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth. Once you have connected it to your iPhone you can head over to the Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch -> Devices section of your iPhone and assign functions to the button.

The AssistiveTouch feature of the iPhone offers a large selection of actions that you can assign to the three-click settings of the Bang! Case. Such as App Switcher, Camera, Reachability, Screenshot, Siri, Apple Pay, Live Speech, Scroll actions, and shortcuts.

Bang! Case for iPhone

As the Bang! Case features Bluetooth functionality to communicate with the iPhone, the case has an internal 200mAh battery that needs to be charged. According to the case’s makers, it should last up to 30 days on a single charge. It comes with a magnetic charging cable that sticks to the back of the case. The case also features lights that indicate the charging status of the device and let the user know when the device is charging has fully charged and is ready to connect via Bluetooth.

While the Bang! action button of the Bang! Case is quite impressive, the case also does not disappoint when it comes to design. The back of the case features a unique design and a transparent look that lets you see the inside components of the case. You can see the MagSafe magnets, battery, and chip found inside the case, which gives it a cool look.

Bang! Case for iPhone

As for protection, the Bang! Case for iPhone does a pretty good job at protecting your device from all sides. It has all the essentials that make a case good. This includes raised lips for both the screen and camera bump, all-around protection with a rubber body, cutouts for the speaker grill and charging port, and soft buttons that are easy to press. All in all the case is so good in terms of design and protection that I would have considered buying it even if it did not have the Bang! Action button.

Bang! Case for iPhone is available for four iPhone models including iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Bang! Case for iPhone

Bitmo Lab, which is the creator of the Bang! Case is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the Bang! Case, and they have already met their pledge goal. You can also pledge to the Kickstarter campaign and get a case for yourself for $39.99 here.

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