Provenance Emulator Launching on App Store Soon, To Bring PlayStation Games To iPhone

After the launch and success of Delta Game Emulator on iPhone, the team behind Provenance Emulator has announced its plans to bring its popular emulator to the App Store.

The Provenance emulator, which has been around since the days of Cydia is an emulator that allows users to play Nintendo’s classic games on their devices. Just like Delta Emulator, Provenance supports NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, and DS games. In addition to that Provenance emulator is also capable of emulating PlayStation, Atari, and SEGA games.

Right now Provenance is available to install using AltStore, however with an official App Store launch, it will become much easier to install it on iOS devices.

Before Provenance is launched on the App Store its project leader Joseph Mattiello says they will need to investigate if their emulator meets all the App Store guidelines.

The launch of the Prevenance emulator on the App Store is significant news as when launched it will become the first ever emulator that is capable of running Sony PlayStation games on iPhone along with SEGA games.

Its developer has also promised that in the future the emulator will also add support for PlayStation 2 and SEGA Dreamcast games, which is exciting news for gamers.

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