Best Cases For 11-inch M4 iPad Pro (Top-Notch Protection)

Best cases for 11-inch M4 iPad Pro

M4 iPad Pro is a great device however it needs the necessary protection of a good protective case that can save it from everyday bumps and scratches.

In this article, you will find some of the best M4 iPad Pro 11-inch cases that not only protect your device but also add a kickstand, pencil holder, and other features.

Best Cases for M4 iPad Pro (11-inch)

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro boasts a shock-resistant, multi-layered design with a combination of a tough PC hard shell and a flexible TPU. This means your device is safeguarded against accidental drops, bumps, and impacts, providing you with peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

One of the standout features is the built-in screen protector. It’s meticulously designed to prevent scratches while maintaining the sensitivity of your touch screen. Whether you’re sketching, browsing, or playing games, you won’t experience any loss in functionality.

Practicality is at the heart of the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro. You’ll have easy access to all ports and functions, thanks to its thoughtful design. Moreover, the port covers keep out dust and debris, ensuring that your device stays clean and fully operational for longer.


  • Multi-layered design with tough PC hard shell and flexible TPU for excellent shock resistance.
  • Built-in screen protector that maintains touch sensitivity.
  • Easy access to all ports and functions with protective port covers to keep out dust and debris.


  • Bulky, adding significant weight and size to the iPad.
  • Built-in screen protector might reduce screen clarity or sensitivity for some users.

Buy from SUPCASE’s website ($29.99)

Buy from Amazon ($29.99)

2. ESR Classic Hybrid Back Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch

ESR Classic Hybrid Back Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch

The ESR Cassic Hybrid Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch (M4) is the ultimate companion for your sleek and powerful tablet! This case is designed with a super-slim profile, ensuring a snug fit and an excellent grip, all without adding any unnecessary bulk to your device.

This one of the 11-inch iPad Pro cases offers powerful protection where you need it most. With a raised screen edge and Camera Guard, your screen and camera are safeguarded against everyday bumps and scrapes. The flexible polymer frame and shock-absorbing Air Guard corners add an extra layer of defense, so you can carry your iPad with confidence, knowing it’s shielded from accidental drops and impacts.

The ESR Classic Hybrid Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch fully supports magnetic pairing and charging of both styluses via a specially designed recessed side groove. Now you can keep your tools handy and charged, ready for all your creative and productivity needs.


  • Super-slim profile, adding minimal bulk to the iPad.
  • Raised screen edge and Camera Guard for enhanced protection.
  • Supports magnetic pairing and charging of styluses with a recessed side groove.


  • It may not offer as much drop protection as bulkier cases.
  • The slim design might lack the ruggedness needed for heavy-duty use.

Buy from ESR ($19.99)

Buy from Amazon ($14.99)

3. Miesherk Case for iPad Pro 11

Miesherk Case for iPad Pro 11

The Miesherk Case doesn’t just stop at incredible drop protection. This M4 iPad Pro 11-inch case features all-new built-in sponge technology designed to enhance heat dissipation, ensuring your iPad stays cool even during intensive use. Its triple-layered construction combines a durable PC back with a soft, flexible TPU bumper, making it 10 times more shock-resistant than ordinary cases.

The case also includes an ergonomically adjustable hand strap, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. The matte coating prevents the iPad from slipping out of your hand, offering peace of mind during use.

For those always on the go, the Miesherk Case comes with an ultra-portable detachable strap. This feature ensures maximum portability, allowing you to carry your iPad hands-free during hikes, travels, or any outdoor activities.


  • Triple-layered construction for superior shock resistance.
  • Built-in sponge technology for heat dissipation.
  • Ergonomically adjustable hand strap and detachable strap for portability.


  • The built-in sponge technology might make the case thicker.
  • Detachable straps could be cumbersome or unnecessary for some users.

Buy from Miesherk ($29.99)

Buy from Amazon ($28.99)

4. CoBak Trifold Stand Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch

CoBak Trifold Stand Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch

Imagine your iPad Pro 11 Inch (M4) stepping into the limelight, dressed to impress with the CoBak Trifold Stand Case. This case isn’t just about looks – it’s a fortress, shielding your device from scratches and fingerprints with its frosted back cover.

But it’s not all about protection. The hard-back design ensures your iPad can handle the hustle and bustle of daily life without adding unnecessary bulk. Plus, it’s compatible with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, seamlessly attaching magnetically and preserving wireless charging capabilities.

Convenience is key in the CoBak Case. The auto Sleep/Wake feature springs your iPad to life when you open the cover, while the magnetic closure makes snapping the case on and off a breeze.


  • The frosted back cover protects against scratches and fingerprints.
  • The hardback design offers robust protection without adding bulk.
  • Auto Sleep/Wake feature and magnetic closure for convenience.


  • Lack of detailed drop protection features.
  • Frosted back might not appeal to all aesthetic preferences.

Buy from CoBak ($18.99)

Buy from Amazon ($9.99)

5. JETech Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch

JETech Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch

Imagine a sleek, translucent frosted back cover that not only adds a pop of color to your device but also shields it from daily wear and tear. It’s like giving your iPad a stylish armor! Plus, the synthetic exterior and smooth interior provide all-around protection, ensuring your device stays safe and sound wherever you take it.

Thanks to its magnetic smart cover, your iPad automatically goes to sleep when you close the case and wakes up when you open it. The tri-fold front cover isn’t just for show. It doubles as a stand, offering two different positions for comfortable viewing and typing.

No need to fumble around trying to find the volume buttons or camera – the JETech Case comes with perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, and other ports, ensuring seamless usability.


  • Sleek, translucent frosted back cover adds style while protecting the device.
  • Magnetic smart cover with auto Sleep/Wake functionality.
  • Tri-fold front cover doubles as a stand for multiple viewing angles.


  • Less rugged compared to heavy-duty cases.
  • The translucent cover might show fingerprints and smudges.

Buy JETech Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch for $9.99 here.

6. DTTO Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch

DTTO Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch

With two anti-slip stripes and multiple slots, DTTO Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch becomes your versatile companion, allowing you to set up your iPad in various horizontal stand angles for binge-watching your favorite shows or typing away with ease.

A front Document Pocket designed to hold your essentials like business cards, notes, or bills, ensuring you’re always organized on the go. Plus, with a built-in magnet cover, your iPad springs to life when you open the lid and dozes off when you close it.

The DTTO Case comes equipped with an Apple Pencil holder right on the cover, ensuring your trusty tool is always within reach. Whether you’re jotting down notes or sketching your next masterpiece, your Apple Pencil stays securely in place, ready to unleash your creativity.

  • Anti-slip stripes and multiple slots for various stand angles.
  • Front Document Pocket for holding essentials.
  • Built-in Apple Pencil holder with magnet cover for convenience.


  • The front pocket might add extra bulk.
  • Multiple slots for stand angles might wear out over time.

Buy DTTO Case for iPad Pro 11-Inch for $21.99 here.

7. Speck Balance Folio iPad Pro 4th Generation Case

Speck Balance Folio iPad Pro 4th Generation Case

Get ready to take your iPad Pro experience to a whole new level with the Speck Balance Folio iPad Pro 4th Generation Case.

In terms of protection, this one of the best M4 iPad Pro cases with Pencil holder is like a suit of armor for your precious iPad. With exceptional drop protection and shock absorption, you can breathe easy knowing that your device is safe from accidental slips and falls.

With a secure latch that keeps your iPad in place, you can rest assured that your device is always secure. This 2024 iPad Pro case seamlessly transitions into a multi-use stand, offering optimal viewing angles for typing, browsing, or enjoying videos.


  • Exceptional drop protection and shock absorption.
  • A secure latch keeps the iPad in place.
  • Multi-use stands offer optimal viewing angles.


  • Higher price point compared to other cases.
  • Might be bulkier due to enhanced protection features.

Buy from Speck ($49.99)

Buy from Amazon ($40.99)

8. Soke New iPad Pro 11 Case

 Soke New iPad Pro 11 Case

If you’re ready to take your iPad Pro 11 Inch experience to the next level – whether you’re a creative guru, a productivity powerhouse, or simply a lover of all things tech – then the Soke New iPad Pro 11 Case is the perfect accessory for you.

With a built-in Apple Pencil holder tailored specifically for your iPad Pro 11-inch, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your trusty tool again. Plus, it’s compatible with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil’s magnetic attachment and charging features, ensuring that your creativity never hits a snag.

The soft TPU back shell acts as a shield, guarding your precious iPad Pro 11 Inch against shocks, drops, and impacts, so you can venture forth with confidence, knowing your device is protected. The soft microfiber lining and PU leather exterior form a formidable defense against scratches, keeping your tablet as pristine as the day you unboxed it.


  • Built-in Apple Pencil holder compatible with magnetic attachment and charging.
  • Soft TPU back shell for shock protection.
  • Soft microfiber lining and PU leather exterior for scratch protection.


  • Soft TPU might not provide as much drop protection as harder materials.
  • The leather exterior could wear out over time with heavy use.

Buy Soke New iPad Pro 11 Case for $12.99 here.

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