Best Class Timetable Apps For Students

Best class timetable apps

Managing your time at school or university can be tough. You can make your life easier by installing these class timetable apps for students.

With the apps, you can organize your class schedule, plan homework, see your stats, add class timetables to the home screen with widgets, and much more.

Best class timetable apps

Check out the best class timetable apps for iPhone and iPad below.

1. Class Timetable – Schedule App

Class Timetable - Schedule App

Class Timetable app for students is the perfect no-frills way to organize your classes for school, college, or university. As you open the app, the first beautifully designed, color-filled interface catches your eye, as it makes tracking your classes and adding events incredibly easy. Moreover, since it supports optional multi-week timetables, you can easily plan your schedule several weeks in advance. 

Another plus point is the integration of widgets that give you quick access to your schedule right from your home screen. And if you’re well-settled into the Apple Ecosystem, you’d be happy to know that it also supports Apple Watch, iOS, and iPad. Another useful feature is the ability to import and export your timetable, making it easy to share your schedule with classmates or switch between devices without losing your data.


  • Easy to use and navigate with iCloud Sync support
  • Reminder feature so you don’t miss deadlines
  • Built-in task list to manage homework and assignments


  • The Pro version requires a purchase for full feature access
  • Limited customization options for the free version
  • Initial setup can be time-consuming for detailed schedules

Download Class Timetable – Schedule App

2. Smart Timetable – Schedule

Smart Timetable - Schedule

When it comes to managing a hectic schedule, finding the right class timetable app tailored to your needs can be a game-changer for students, teachers, and parents. That’s where Smart Timetable, one of the best timetable apps for students, makes its mark. To make it easy for you, the app offers friendly support, promptly addressing your concerns. Moving on to the crux of the matter, managing multiple schedules simultaneously becomes a not-so-stressful endeavor as the app takes over. 

Moreover, Smart Timetable supports rotating schedules and allows you to set up schedules for 1, 2, 3, or even 4 weeks. And if you like countdowns, the Today widget helps you keep track of time right from your home screen. Plus, you’ll get notified of upcoming lessons and assignments so you never miss any deadlines again.


  • Siri Shortcuts and voice command support
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac
  • iCloud schedule synchronization
  • Ability to add photos, videos, and audio to tasks


  • Some features may be overwhelming for new users
  • Advanced features might require in-app purchases

Download Smart Timetable – Schedule

3. Class Schedule by TimeTo

Class Schedule by TimeTo

Switching from your old paper timetable to a digital one is not just an eco-friendly move but a stress-free choice as well. Class Schedules offer a comprehensive way to keep track of all your educational activities in one place. You can input all your classes, tutorials, and practical courses with detailed information like classroom numbers, teacher names, times, durations, and even display colors. 

Additionally, this iPhone class timetable app makes it easy for you to keep track of your homework and manage it efficiently. You can note down assignments with their due dates directly on the timetable and update their status once completed. 


  • Highly customizable to fit individual schedules
  • Easy to visualize and access your schedule
  • Homework tracking and sorting by date or status
  • Annual subscription with a free trial period


  • May have a learning curve for customization
  • Auto-renewal might be inconvenient if not managed
  • Limited free features, with most functionalities behind a paywall

Download Class Schedule by TimeTo

4. My Timetable – Quick & Simple

My Timetable - Quick & Simple

Right from the start, My Timetable app for school impresses with its promise to help you create and personalize your weekly schedule in less than five minutes. As it supports various scheduling needs, you can use it for lessons, appointments, or work-related tasks. The ability to add unlimited lessons and events ensures that you won’t be restricted, no matter how busy your week gets. 

Transitioning smoothly, the app lets you customize your schedule with different shades and themes, or even your own images, adding a personal touch to your timetable. What’s more, the app includes a note-adding feature for each event, allowing you to keep track of important details. For those who like to reuse existing events, the app makes it easy to recreate schedules, saving you time and effort. 


  • Designed for efficiency and accessibility
  • Easy-to-use interface with quick edits and deletions
  • Notification system + shareable timetables


  • Some advanced features require a premium subscription
  • Auto-renewal of subscriptions might be inconvenient for some users
  • The learning curve for managing extensive customization

Download My Timetable – Quick & Simple

5. Schooly | School Planner

Schooly | School Planner

A comprehensive school planner, Schooly has earned its name as one of the best timetable apps for university and school students who juggle various classes or extracurricular activities. Thanks to its multiple scheduling feature paired with color coding, each class can be visually distinguished at a glance. Plus, as the app excels in to-do, assignment, and exam management, you can keep track of all your academic responsibilities effortlessly.

Keeping track of your attendance is made even easier with the attendance record function. Plus, the notes feature allows you to jot down important information directly within the app. The best part is the class registration process makes it easy to set up and modify your timetable as needed. Additionally, the app offers beautiful and colorful themes, allowing you to personalize your experience to suit your style.


  • Deadline reminders ensure you never miss an important date
  • Upcoming Classes and Upcoming Tasks widgets
  • Notification reminders


  • Can be overwhelming for users looking for a simple timetable
  • More features than some students may need

Download Schooly | School Planner

6. School Timetable – Class Study

School Timetable - Class Study

School Timetable is designed specifically for students who want an efficient way to manage their classes and study schedules. It offers a user-friendly interface with the ability to easily swipe left and right to view all weekdays, making it simple to navigate through your schedule. Plus, color-coded classes allow you to distinguish between different subjects at a glance. But it doesn’t end there. You can add detailed information such as room and location, professor’s name, phone number, email, and other notes, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Moreover, classes also show break times and potential conflicts with the next class, aiding in better planning.

As its rivals, the app supports a multiple-week timetable, which is particularly useful for students with varying schedules. If you have the same class at different times on different days, you can add variations without duplicating entries. This flexibility is complemented by reminder notifications that you can set to go off a certain number of minutes before class starts, ensuring you’re always on time. You can also export your timetable and search for classes, tasks, professors, and notes using the app’s powerful search function.


  • iCloud backup and restore
  • Detailed class and study tracking
  • Apple Watch support
  • Customizable accent colors and landscape view
  • Ability to save and export timetables as images


  • Some features may require getting used to
  • The detailed customization options might feel overwhelming for some users
  • Notifications and reminders can sometimes be delayed

Download School Timetable – Class Study

There you have it folks, these are some of the best classroom timetable apps for students of school and university. If you liked these apps, the consider sharing this post with your friends.

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