Best GaN Chargers For Your MacBook Pro And Air

best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro

In this blog, we have featured the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro to make your charging experience faster, more efficient, and simpler.

You’ve probably experienced the frustration of lugging around a clunky charger, waiting for your MacBook Pro or Air to juice up at a snail’s pace. And nobody understands it better than us that it’s not just inconvenient, it’s a productivity buzzkill.

In a world where speed and efficiency rule, your tech should keep up with your pace, not hold you back. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to the game-changers in the world of charging – GaN (Gallium Nitride) chargers. 

Elevate Your Charging Game with the Best GaN Charger Over 100W

Sleek and high-powered, GaN chargers are the antidote to your charging woes, and they’re precisely what you need to supercharge your MacBook experience. So, if you’re on a quest for the ideal charger that blends efficiency and convenience, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and explore the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro:

1. Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger

best GaN chargers for MacBook Air

If you want a versatile charger, the Satechi offers one of the best GaN chargers for MacBook Air. With four ports and 165W of power, it can simultaneously charge up to four devices. 

The four USB-C PD ports are intelligently designed with power distribution that adjusts automatically according to the ports and devices connected. You can enjoy power configurations like 100W, 100W/60W, 60W/60W/45W, or 100W/30W/30W, and more, all the way up to a whopping 165W total output. 

One of the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro its GaN technology has replaced the old silicon-based semiconductors, and the result is faster charging and better power efficiency. You can trust that your devices will charge quickly while also conserving energy. Plus, it comes with CE and ETL certifications, ensuring not only a rapid charge but a safe one too. 

Buy the Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger for $119.99 here.

2. Anker 747 150W USB-C GaNPrime Charger 

wall chargers for MacBook

The Anker 747 GaNPrime wall charger for MacBook boasts 150W of power, a compact and efficient design, and a variety of protection features to keep your devices safe.

With a robust 150W capacity, it’s your go-to solution for juicing up not just one, but two laptops simultaneously at high speed. If that’s not impressive enough, this charger can also accommodate up to four devices concurrently, thanks to its four ports, ensuring that you stay connected and powered up.

But what makes it the best GaN charger for MacBook Pro is its ability to channel a whopping 100W to a single device through one of its USB-C ports. This means your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and other high-power devices can charge at lightning speed, no more waiting around. Now, here’s the kicker: despite all this power, the Anker 747 Charger is remarkably compact. In fact, it’s 38% smaller than Apple’s 140W charger, giving you portability without sacrificing performance. Neat, right?

Buy the Anker 747 150W USB-C GaNPrime Charger for $109.99 here.

3. UGREEN 140W USB-C GaN Charger

USB-C wall chargers for MacBook Pro

UGREEN offers a reliable 140W USB-C wall charger for MacBook Pro. It has a smaller form factor than many traditional chargers but still delivers high-speed charging, making it one of the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro.

Thanks to the PD3.1 protocol, it boasts lightning-fast charging capability. With a single port that can deliver a whopping 140W of power, it’s tailor-made for your MacBook Pro. In just 30 minutes, you can charge your MacBook Pro to an impressive 56% when paired with the right USB C to Magsafe 3 charging cable. This kind of speed ensures you spend less time tethered to an outlet and more time being productive or entertained.

Moreover, it’s a 3-in-1 multiport charger, boasting two USB C ports and one USB A port, allowing you to power up two 14-inch laptops and a smartphone simultaneously. So, if you’re juggling with multiple laptops, it’s perfect for you.

Buy the UGREEN 140W USB-C GaN Charger for $109.99 here.

4. Baseus 140W USB-C GaN Charger

USB-C wall chargers for MacBook Air

Baseus provides a sturdy USB-C wall charger for MacBook Air that ensures quick and efficient charging. With a whopping 140W of power at its disposal, it packs a punch in the world of charging devices. The best part? It’s compatible with the latest PD 3.1 Super Fast Charging protocol and thus, can juice up your MacBook Pro in a jaw-dropping 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Adding to the features, it’s a 3-port charging dynamo, featuring 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port. This versatility allows you to simultaneously fast charge multiple devices, making it ideal for charging a laptop and two smartphones at the same time. It’s considered one of the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro for its GaN 5 technology. 

Not only is this charger 25% smaller and 30% lighter than Apple’s 140W charger, but it also delivers improved heat dissipation. This means you can enjoy high-power charging without worrying about overheating. 

Buy the Baseus USB-C GaN Charger for $89.99 here.

5. Aergiatech 140W USB-C GaN Charger

high voltage USB-C chargers for MacBook

Aergiatech’s 140W high voltage USB-C charger for MacBook is a solid performer. With PD3.1 technology, it offers a maximum output of 140W, making it perfect for a range of devices, including the MacBook Pro 16″, MacBook Air, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. And it can juice up your 16″ MacBook Pro to 50% in just 26 minutes, ensuring you’re always on the go with minimal downtime. 

Additionally, it can simultaneously fast charge two laptops at 65W each. Perfect for those on-the-go work sessions, right? With three USB-C ports, you can power up to three devices at once, whether it’s two laptops and a phone, or any other combination you need. 

The charger is smart too, as it automatically detects the type of device you’re charging and provides the optimal charging speed, ensuring the safety of your devices. If that isn’t enough to make it one of the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro then what is? Oh, it also offers protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuits, safeguarding both itself and your precious devices. 

Buy the  Aergiatech 140W USB-C GaN Charger for $69.99 here.

6. Spigen 100W USB-C GaN Charger

fast chargers for MacBook

Spigen’s 100W fast charger for MacBook charger may not be the most powerful, but it’s incredibly compact and efficient. Plus, the foldable prongs also contribute to its portability, ensuring you can take it wherever you go without sacrificing precious bag space. 

But what sets this charger apart from the rest? Its intelligent power diffusion technology allows it to detect the connected devices and provide them with precisely the power they need. When both ports are in use, it evenly distributes 45W to each, allowing you to charge two MacBook Airs at the fastest speed simultaneously. And if only one port is in use, it outputs a maximum of 100W. So, whether you’re charging laptops, phones, or any USB-C device, you can be confident that this charger will deliver the maximum power.

Powered by GaN technology, this charger boasts improved charging efficiency and better temperature control. The result? It’s not only smaller but also cooler than chargers using traditional silicon chipsets, making it the best GaN charger for MacBook Pro.

Buy the Spigen 100W USB-C GaN Charger for $59.99 here.

7. Satechi 108W USB-C GaN Charger

best GaN charger over 100W

Another great addition from Satechi, this 108W GaN charger for multiple devices is designed for those who prioritize portability without sacrificing power. At the heart of this device is the cutting-edge GaN technology, which means guaranteed faster charging times and superior power efficiency.

However, its trio of USB-C PD ports is what gives this charger a competitive edge. Not only can you charge up to three devices simultaneously, but the charger automatically adjusts its power distribution depending on the number of ports in use and the devices connected. You can expect charging speeds of 100W, 60W/45W, 88W/20W, 45W/30W/30W, 58W/30W/20W, or 65W/20W/20W, delivering a total output of up to 108W. All the makings of the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro, right?

Moreover, it doesn’t compromise on safety either. The Satechi charger comes equipped with CE and ETL certifications, giving you peace of mind as you charge your precious gadgets. These certifications ensure a quick yet secure charge for your connected devices, protecting them from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. 

Buy the Satechi 108W USB-C GaN Charger for $74.99 here.


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying charged and ready is crucial, and the best GaN chargers for MacBook Pro ensure you’re always at the forefront. These chargers offer efficiency, speed, and versatility, making them an investment that pays off daily. 

So go ahead, make the switch to the best GaN charger, and experience the future of charging. Your MacBook Pro and Air will thank you, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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  1. This one is very compact: Anker 737 GaNPrime, PPS 3-Port Fast Compact Foldable Wall Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 15/Pro, Galaxy S22/S21, Dell XPS 13, Note 20/10+, and More Devices

    1. That’s a nice option for someone looking for a compact GaN charger. The one we have featured in the article is the larger version with one extra USB-C port and an additional 30W power.

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