Best Smart Humidifiers That Work With iPhone

Best Smart Humidifiers that work with iPhone

Looking to get a smart humidifier that works with iPhone for your smart home? Then look no further than the 6 humidifiers that we have featured in this post.

The dynamic nature of technology is fascinating, especially when it comes to home appliances. You can now operate anything with your smartphone, even humidifiers! 

A humidifier is an excellent way to add moisture to the air, so you can breathe more comfortably in dry spaces.

Dust might not be the culprit if you suffer from dry eyes and scratchy throat especially if you have been vacuuming continuously and running air purifiers.

It is probably the humidity level in your home that is causing the trouble. 

During the winter, dry indoor air can lead to unpleasant side effects, such as dry skin and respiratory irritation. All of these problems can be lessened by the best iPhone supported humidifiers on the market-and despite some models looking small, they’re incredibly powerful.

Let’s shed light on some of the smart humidifiers that work with iPhone. 

1. LEVOIT Humidifiers Smart Wi-Fi Cool Mist Essential Oils Diffuser in One

Best Smart Humidifiers that work with iPhone

For this 4L humidifier, you can use the Vesync app, which allows you to switch to Auto mode, control it remotely through the app, create a schedule, and set a timer.

The Vesync App also lets you turn on/off your humidifier or set a target humidity level for your child. When you choose Auto Mode, the mist level automatically adjusts to the perfect humidity and maintains the desired humidity level.

There is a 300ml mist output on the 4L humidifier, which makes it ideal for covering big bedrooms. In addition, this humidifier can last for 5 nights.

You can add 10 drops of essential oils to make your sleep even sweeter, as 25db ensures uninterrupted sleep.

Also, it includes a handle that makes refilling and cleaning easy; dual nozzles that spray evenly; and a safe auto-shutoff when water isn’t present.

Buy LEVOIT Humidifiers for $53.99 here

2. Govee 6L Smart WiFi Humidifiers

Best Smart Humidifiers

Using the Govee Home App, you can control your humidifier at any time from anywhere using WiFi or Bluetooth. The app also notify you when your tank needs to be refilled or when it runs low on water.

With the top-fill design, you can easily pour water and reduce the risk of spills. The transparent lines allow you to see the current water level in your tank.

Smart humidifiers automatically turn off when humidity reaches target levels and turn on when humidity falls below those levels. The maximum flow rate is 300 ml/h, and there are 9 cool mist levels to choose from.

With the 6L tank design, you can use it continuously for up to 60 hours. With its 360° rotating nozzle, you can comfortably control the 32-40 inch mist output and cover a large room up to 600 square feet. Auto turn-off when water shortage.

To help you sleep better, you can add essential oils for aromatherapy or use the colorful night light option from the App.

Buy Govee 6L Smart WiFi Humidifiers for $87.99 here

3. VOCOlinc Cool Mist Humidifiers

VOCOlinc app supports remote control, checking status, and controlling the air humidifier from anywhere, and you can control mist levels and light colors using the two touch buttons. With Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, you can use voice commands to operate the humidifier.

With this 2.5L air humidifier, you can humidify up to 430 square feet for 30 hours. By setting the humidity to auto-target, you can keep the humidity in your room at optimal levels, so that you can breathe easier, sleep better, and decrease nasal congestion and dryness.

Using 5 adjustable mist levels makes humidifying much more precise and easier to adjust. As soon as the humidifier runs out of water, it will shut down automatically and send you an alert via your smartphone. 

Buy VOCOlinc Cool Mist Humidifiers for $43.99 here

4. Carro Top Fill Cool Mist Large Humidifiers

Best Smart Humidifiers that work with iPhone

Carro Humidifier is yet another one of the best humidifiers that work with iPhone. With this smart humidifier for large rooms, you can control the device from anywhere using Carro Home App. You can adjust the custom mode, the timers, the schedules, the mist levels, and the display off. You can also control it with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri using voice commands.

You can enjoy continuous comfort with this cool mist humidifier, featuring an 8L tank that can run for up to 30 hours. Whenever you need to feel relaxed, turn it on, enjoy the rich mist, and let it soothe your skin.

It has customizable 3 mist levels, 0-8Hrs timers, and a humidistat designed for 60% RH with just one touch, ensuring your air stays the way you like it. 

Buy Carro Top Fill Cool Mist Large Humidifiers for $129.99 here

5. Westinghouse Humidifier and Air Purifier

To ensure that you sleep well and feel comfortable, balance the humidity levels in your bedroom or home office.

The increased humidity will help alleviate skin and breathing problems caused by dry air; other possible benefits include healthier house plants and better sleep.

A proprietary, patented electrolytic sterilization module disinfects the air in this high-quality humidifier for the bedroom.

With a digital soft touch control panel and LED display, this device provides better control; you can also use remote control.

Buy Westinghouse Humidifier and Air Purifier for $74.99 here

6. LEVOIT OasisMist Smart Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers

Best Smart Humidifiers

The OasisMist can best be described as a faster, healthier, smarter, and easier Warm and Cool mist humidifier.

The OasisMist increases room humidity by 10% within 15 minutes with 430 square feet of coverage using VortexMist Technology.

With an impressive output of 550 mL/hr, this warm and cool humidifier can run for up to 45 hours. It is also ideal for bedrooms and large rooms due to its 4.5-L tank capacity

The built-in humidistat allows you to set the humidity level to your preferred level and maintain it. No matter what moisture level you prefer, you could just set it, leave it, and enjoy it

VeSync’s free app lets you remotely control lights, set timers, and customize plant-care scenes. 

By adding water to the top of the tank without flipping it over, you can enjoy hassle-free top-filling. Moreover, the thoughtful handle design makes cleaning a breeze.

Pouring a few drops of essential oils into the aroma pad will create a calming, fragrant atmosphere. 

Buy LEVOIT OasisMist Smart Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers for $75.99 here

Ready to Maintain Hydration All Year Long? 

So, that was our list of the best humidifiers for iPhone. Make your purchase this holiday season and avail irresistible discounted deals! 

Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments below. 

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