Best Smart Mugs With Temperature Control For iPhone Users

temperature controlled smart mugs

In this article, you will find the best smart mugs with temperature controls for iPhone users. These smart mugs allow users to control the current temperature of their hot drinks using dedicated iPhone apps.

Has your schedule been so hectic that you forgot to drink your coffee? Is that cool coffee drinkable now? 

Congratulations, we are in the 21st century — no more cold coffee for you. Start using temperature-controlled smart mugs, and you’re set.

If you choose the right smart mug, you can keep your beverage at precisely 131 degrees throughout the rest of your afternoon meetings (yes, all of them), as desired. Powered by a USB cable, they charge quickly and keep warm thanks to their coaster-style charging plates and built-in heaters.

If you are considering a smart mug, you should get one that regulates temperature well, has a long battery life, and can be carried around easily.

The best smart mugs for 2023 are all about the details, so you need something that suits your tastes, is highly customizable, and can be programmed to serve your specific needs. Let’s find out what mug will serve you best.

Smart Travel Mugs with iPhone App

With a smart mug, you can enjoy a warm beverage whenever you want, but you can only get the most out of it if you choose the right one. It can be a bit difficult to find something that works for you and your space, especially with so many choices available.

So, to help you make a more informed decision – and to make it easier to find something right for your space and needs – we’ve compiled a list of the best-heated mugs with iPhone apps to help you pick the best one.

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

best smart mugs for 2023

On a full charge, the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug can keep your drink at 120°F – 145°F for up to 80 minutes, while its new charging coaster can keep it at your desired temperature all day.

This temperature control mug and Ember App make setting the temperature and customizing presets easy. The self-heating coffee mug can also be used without the app and remembers your last temperature (130°F out of the box).

The Ember smart mug intelligently senses when to turn on and off; it enters sleep mode when empty and awakens when it detects activity or liquid.

With its scratch-resistant coating, the Ember Mug 2 is hand washable, IPX7-rated, and fully submersible up to one meter deep.

Buy Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug for $129.95 here.

2. Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

best heated mugs with iPhone apps

This mug keeps hot drinks at your preferred temperature (between 120 degrees and 145 degrees Fahrenheit). You can adjust the temperature from 135 degrees Fahrenheit up or down.

A single charge provides two hours of battery life. If you want to use the Ember Travel Mug all day, keep it on the included charging coaster.

The Ember app lets you set temperatures, create presets, receive notifications, and more. In addition, the Ember Travel Mug also allows you to change the temperature of the mug.

An IPX7-rated travel mug with a 1-meter depth rating makes Ember Travel Mugs fully submersible up to 1 meter deep. The lid is leak-proof, so you can carry it wherever you go.

With the Ember Travel Mug and its app, you can track your caffeine intake, save drink presets, and customize the LED color.

Buy Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug for $189 here.

3. vsitoo S3pro Temperature Control Smart Mug

smart travel mugs with iPhone app

With this self-warming coffee mug, you have two options for adjusting the temperature. You can adjust the temperature with a touch button on the smart travel coffee mug or using the VSITOO APP on your phone. 

VSITOO S3 Pro is an advanced coffee thermos mug with a high-capacity polymer lithium battery that has a capacity of 2500Ah. You can charge it for 1.5 – 8 hours on a single full charge—or you can charge it all day with the charging coaster, which keeps your coffee at the ideal temperature.

vsitoo smart mug has a double-layer vacuum stainless steel body and an inside made of advanced Food Grade Ceramic Acrylic Paint Technology. Double vacuum insulation allows your drink to stay warm for a long time. With this intelligent heating system, you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee or tea every morning. You can safely wash the smart mug thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating. It also comes with a BPA-free sliding lid for your convenience.

Buy vsitoo S3pro Temperature Control Smart Mug for $119.69 here.

4. OTKAX Temperature Control Heated Coffee Mug

vsitoo smart mug

OTKAX is committed to designing and manufacturing well-designed, high-quality products that make life easier, safer, and more stylish. It doesn’t matter if you’re a white-collar worker, coffee lover, outdoor enthusiast, home fanatic, or anything. OTKAX Temperature Control Heated Coffee Mug is perfect for you.

A 4000Ah high-capacity polymer lithium battery powers this smart thermos mug, allowing it to last 4-8 hours on a single charge—or all day on the charging coaster. It keeps coffee hot from the start to the end.

The self-warming travel mug from OTKAX is equipped with two methods for regulating the temperature. The OTKAX app on your phone or the touch button on the mug can adjust the temperature directly.

With this battery-powered heating mug, you can enjoy all the hot beverages you like. This portable gadget has a built-in battery pack that keeps coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai, cider, mulled wine, and other beverages at the perfect temperature! You can take this innovative heated coffee mug if you decide to go anywhere.

Buy OTKAX Temperature Control Heated Coffee Mug for $129.99 here.

5. vsitoo S3 Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 with Lid

Ember smart mug

Compared to traditional camping mugs, this coffee mug is double insulated with a vacuum to keep beverages hot or cold. With its intelligent heating system, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee or tea every morning; the excellent double vacuum insulation also allows cold drinks to be enjoyed in the summertime.

You can adjust the temperature directly with the button at the bottom of this battery-powered heating mug or the app on your phone. It will keep your drink warm for up to two hours or all day on a full charge, depending on how you set the temperature between 120°F and 145°F to find the perfect temperature for your drink.

This battery-powered heating mug is a great choice for all your hot beverage needs. This cup heater has a built-in battery pack to maintain the perfect temperature for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai, cider, mulled wine, and other beverages! The innovative heated coffee mug is convenient on the go.

A comfortable handle and silicone seal helps prevent spills, making this a perfect drink to carry everywhere. This insulated mug is perfect for people who love coffee or tea. 

VSITOO heated coffee mugs are functional without an app connection. The smart mug automatically switches to OFF mode after detecting no water in the coffee mug. Once you have refilled the mug with water, you can switch back to the last temperature and resume working.

Buy vsitoo S3 Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 with Lid for $79.99 here.

Sip Your Coffee Hot!

If you prefer to take your coffee slowly but don’t like to rush your morning brew, a smart mug might be what you need. All the above-mentioned mugs have sleek good looks and advanced features that make them stand out.

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