Cheaper Alternatives To Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack For iPhone 13

Cheaper Alternatives To Apple's MagSafe Battery

There are many great and cheaper alternatives to Apple’s MagSafe Battery pack for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. If you don’t want to spend $99 on Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Battery pack, then you have come to the right place.

You can also use these MagSafe Battery Packs with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro as they are also compatible with the previous generation of iPhone.

In this buying guide we have featured 7 amazing MagSafe compatible battery packs that cost a fraction of the price of MagSafe but offer larger battery capacity, making them ideal for your iPhone.

Read on to learn about the best alternatives to Apple MagSafe Battery Pack from the likes of Anker, Oisle, Techsmarter, Vedika, iWalk, Blackrock and Manducary.

Best Alternatives To Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

These are the best and cheaper alternatives to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack.

Anker PowerCore Magnetic Battery Pack5000mAh$49.99Buy
Oisle MagSafe Battery Pack4225mAh$58.99Buy
Techsmarter Magnetic Charger10,000mAh$29.99Buy
Vedika Wireless Charger5000mAh$26.99Buy
iWalk Magnetic Wireless Charger6000mAh$34.99Buy
Blackrock Portable Magnetic Charger5000mAh$26.99Buy
Manducary Magnetic Power Bank5000mAh$29.99Buy

1. Anker PowerCore Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack

Cheaper Alternatives To Apple's MagSafe Battery

Want to get rid of the charging cables? Anker has a cheaper alternative to the MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 13. It is compact, slim, and easy to carry for instant charging anywhere you want. It is super-easy to connect, simply snap the magnetic charger onto the back of your iPhone and let it charge. And if your phone has a compatible magnetic case, the charger will work equally well.

Worried about its power? Well, having 5000mAh capacity, its PowerCore gives your phone extra charge. Its power is reliable for lasting productivity and 17 extra hours of functionality. Its USB-c port and cable are included to recharge the PowerCore as well as wired charging to other devices. 

This magnetic power bank for iPhone 13 is safety certified. It protects your iPhone and other devices from overheating, overvoltage, and also detects foreign objects. 

Anker PowerCore Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack is available for $49.99 at the link below.

2. Oisle MagSafe Battery Pack

Best MagSafe chargers

Oisle’s MagSafe compatible battery packs are truly mini and portable. Its super-slim body fits in your pocket or even wallet. Although mini-sized, its magnetic side is super-strong compatible with the MagSafe case. So, like its competitors, you can attach directly to your iPhone or on the compatible case. It will work wonders. 

This cheaper alternative to the MagSafe battery pack has LED indicators to notify you about its battery levels. Use it as a wireless charger or wired one, it fulfills all your changing needs. You can find L to C cables inside the box. It has a battery capacity of 4225mAh.

OISLE Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is available for $58.99 at the link below.

3. Techsmarter Magnetic Charger

MagSafe alternatives

Techsmarter MagSafe battery packs for iPhone 13 have legit reasons to compete. Even if you don’t own an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12, you can use its wireless charging feature and USB-C charging. However, its magnetic feature will not work on your phone. 

Its compact yet stylish body, anti-slip surface, and 30+ hours of video play make it one of the best cheaper alternatives to the MagSafe battery pack. Charge it through the magnetic case or directly, but make sure you don’t use it on non-magnetic cases. 

It has a 10,000mAh battery with 18W USB-C charging and 10W Qi Wireless charging capabilities.

The USB-C port and cable recharges MagBoost as well as allows wired charging for other devices. Simply snap it on your iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 and charging is on. Apart from your iPhone, it is compatible with Samsung Galaxies. Remember, the magnetic feature will work ONLY on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13!

The Techsmarter 10,000mAh Magnetic 10W Wireless Power Bank is avaialble at a price of $29.99 at the link below.

4. Vedika Wireless Charger

Best MagSafe chargers

Weighing only 75gms and 8.5cm long, Vedika has one of the best MagSafe battery packs for iPhone 12. Given its size and weight, you can carry it anywhere you want. The days of worrying about dead cellphone batteries on the go are officially over! 

This magnetic power bank for iPhone 13 is compatible with other models as well including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Using its wired charging feature, it is compatible with all your smartphones. 

Its powerful N52 magnet is compatible with the Apple MagSafe case. So you can easily attach it directly on your phone or on the case. Its 5000mAh battery ensures your phone stays with you for a longer time.

You can buy the Vedika MagSafe Magnetic Portable battery pack for $26.99 at the link below.

5. iWalk Magnetic Wireless Charger

MagSafe compatible battery packs

As the name suggests, iWalk MagSafe battery packs for iPhone 13 are ideal to charge your mobile during a walk or run. Its finger ring holder is exclusively designed to keep your iPhone in place strongly when you carry it on the go. 

Its robust body and powerful 6000mAh battery keep your iPhone turned on for extra hours. Its Mag-Suction technology makes the charging super easy. And when you are not sure about the battery status, its LED indicators notify you about the remaining battery charging. 

Moreover, its temperature control chip keeps the temperature in check. This way it increases the performance of the battery and gives you long hours of charging.

The iWalk Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is available for $34.99 at the link below.

6. Blackrock Portable Magnetic Charger

Best MagSafe chargers

Blackrock MagSafe compatible battery packs not only works on iPhone but also on devices with wireless charging feature. Like other competitors in the list, it attaches magnetically to your phone and gives it swift charging on the go. It has a battery capacity of 5,000mAh.

An added benefit of this cheaper alternative to the MagSafe battery pack is it has an additional magnetic ring. This feature makes it compatible with any type of phone with wireless charging. You simply need to stick the magnetic ring inside the case and you are good to go. 

The strong magnet sticks to your phone and does not fall even if you use it while charging. In order to charge other devices, use its USB-C cable. You can also keep it inside your pocket or wallet where it easily fits in, thanks to its slim body! With the help of the LED indicators, you can see the level of the remaining battery.

The Blackrock MagSafe Power Bank with MagSafe compatibility is available for $26.99 at the link below.

7. Manducary Magnetic Power Bank

Cheaper Alternatives To Apple's MagSafe Battery

Manducary MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 13 can be your new friend. Its 5000mAh battery, wireless charging, and magnetic suction ensure you can use it on other iPhone models. Simply put the magnetic sheet sticker before placing it on your phone.

Both wireless and wired charging are easy to use and super-fast. If your phone is a Qi-enabled device, you can benefit equally well from this cheaper alternative to the MagSafe battery pack. 

Its compact but strong body is got companion while you are traveling, or going out.

You can buy the Manducary MagSafe battery pack for $29.99 at the link below.

Have you made up your mind? Let us know in the comments below which MagSafe compatible battery packs are on your checklist? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.

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