Top 6 iPhone controlled RC helicopters money can buy

In our childhood RC toys used to come with gigantic remote controls and had antennas that were even longer than our own heights. Now however things have changed big time with remote control toys coming with the ability of being controlled by portable devices including the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

There are several types of toys available right now that can be controlled using the iPhone. They come with dedicated apps that allow users to conveniently control their toys using on-screen controls.

In this post we have featured the best iPhone controlled RC helicopters that you can buy right now. They come with great features and provide a fun experience to users of all ages.

HELO TC by Griffin

HELO TC by Griffin

The HELO TC RC helicopter by Griffin is designed for indoor use. It can be controlled using any model of iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch thanks to its dedicated HELO TC app i.e available in the App Store. On the iPhone the app displays joystick controls allowing users to control the device. The chopper features 5 LED lights that can be controlled by the user and allows users to create missions and record up to 3 flight plans. It can be purchased at a price of $45.

i-Helicopter by HD Design

i-Helicopter by HD Design

The i-helicopter RC Toy features 3 channel support capable of being controlled using an iPhone. This toy helicopter features gyro allowing users to control it with precision. Features of this iPhone controlled RC helicopter include support for legacy IR system, a flight time of 5 minutes and ability to fly at an height of 8 meters. You can buy it for $35.

iSpy Helicopter by iHelicopters

iSpy helicopter iHelicopters

The iSpy Helicopter is an iPhone controlled helicopter that features a built-in camera. Using its camera users can take photos and record videos while it is in flight. It stores the photos on its memory card. Some of its features include gyroscope, four LED lights on each side and more. It comes with a dedicated app that is  available on the App Store as well as a transmitter that users can plug into their headphone jack. iSpy Helicopter is available for $70.

RioRand iCam Helicopter with Camera

RioRand iCam Helicopter with CameraThe RioRand iCam Helicopter features a built-in camera that is capable of taking photos and record videos. It comes with a transmitter that just like iHelicopter goes into device’s 3.5mm headphone jack. Feautres of this toy helicopter include 8 meters high flight, rechargable batteries, 512MB memory card for photos and videos, dedicated app, control distance of up to 10 meters and more. You can buy it for $50.

Micro 3-Ch Helicopter with Gyro

Micro 3-Ch Helicopter with Gyro

This tiny Micro 3-Ch Helicopter can be controlled with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Although it is small in size it is capable of providing big fun to users of almost all ages. It features gyroscope to provide stable flight and charges with its USB port. On a single charge this iPhone controlled helicopter can fly up to 4-6 minutes. It has support for 3 frequencies. You can buy it for $50.

Syma S107G – Channel RC Helicopter iCopter

Syma S107 S107G - Channel RC Helicopter iCopterThe Syma S107G – Channel RC Helicopter iCopter comes with 3 Channel support and can be controlled by any iOS device. This toy is durable and made for stable flight. It requires users to insert a transmitter in the 3.5mm jack. You can buy it for around $30.

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