Kovol Sprint 120W Charger Can Quickly Charge Up to 4 Devices At Once [Sponsor]

Kovol Sprint 120W Charger with its 4-USB ports can intelligently deliver power to up to 4 devices simultaneously and charge them at high speeds.

Most users nowadays own multiple devices that all need to be recharged on a regular basis. So having multiple charging bricks for each device isn’t feasible anymore. Having multiple chargers can even be more frustrating if you travel a lot and you have to carry multiple devices with you.

The Kovol Sprint charger with mighty 120W output is here to help. This GaN II Tech equipped multi-device charger packs a massive 120W output capacity, which means it is capable of fully charging your 16-inch MacBook Pro in just 1.7 hours via its USB-C charging port. For MacBook Pro the charger maxes out at 100W charging, which is slightly higher than the 96W charger that comes inside the box.

While fast charging is impressive that isn’t the only amazing thing about the Kovol Sprint 120W charger. This single charger is also capable of simultaneously charging 2 MacBooks via USB-C port while providing 60W of power to each one of them.

This means you can power a workstation for two whole machines and charge them at decent speeds without any compromises. For comparison Apple’s new 14-inch MacBook Pro ships with a 67W charger, so this charger alone beats it by charging two 14-inch MacBook Pros at 60W output.

This charger has 2 USB-C charging ports and 2 USB-A charging ports that intelligently distributes power among devices based on their needs.

Thanks to its 4 USB ports you can use the Kovol Sprint 120W charger to simultaneously charge:

  • A MacBook Pro at 65W
  • An iPad at 18W
  • An iPhone 13 at 20W
  • An Apple Watch Series 7 at 18W

Kovol Sprint Charger supports PD 3.0, QC 3.0 and PPS Charging, so no matter which device you throw at it can fast charge it without any troubles. Featuring support for all of the popular charging standards make KOVOL Sprint Charger a great choice for users who intend to charge multiple types of devices from a single charger.

Many high powered chargers that are poorly designed carry a risk of overcharging, high-temperature, surge and short circuit problems. That is not an issue with Kovol Sprint Charger as it is designed with Kovol’s Q-Pulse technology that makes sure the charger adheres to safety features for the safety of the device and user’s surroundings.

Kovol Sprint Charger comes with a sweet 12-month guarantee that can be extended to 24-months upon product registration.

You can buy the Kovol Sprint 120W Charger for $99.99 from Amazon at the link given below.

If you think the 120W charger is excessive for your needs, then you can also check out the Kovol Sprint 65W charger at half the price here.

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