Listen To Music And Charge iPhone At Same Time With 2 In 1 Lightning Adapters

If you have a modern iPhone and still use a wired pair of headphones, then chances are lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter is one of the most important iPhone accessories that you carry all the time. Apple includes a free lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter in the box, however the problem is once you are using the only Lightning port to listen to music, you can no longer charge your iPhone and vice versa.

And if you lose this particular accessory you will come to a realization that it cost $9.99 from the Apple Store. Surely a small accessory like this should be cheaper, however as is the case with most Apple accessories, it is priced at a premium.

Thankfully though there are some alternatives to iPhone’s lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter that not only let you listen to music with 3.5mm audio headphones but also allow you to charge your iPhone at the very same time. In this post we are featuring some of the affordable 2 in 1 Lightning adapters that not only get the job done but are also pretty solidly built.

Wiolet 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter Cable

The Wiolet 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter cable boosts compatibility with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone and supports iOS 10 or later. With this accessory you get two adapters in a single pack. Just plug in the adapter into your iPhone and then plug in your headphones and charging cable. Both adapters come with a 12 year warranty. You can buy this splitter for $12.99.

VowsVows 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter

Why settle for a cheaper lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter when you can have an even powerful adapter, that not only lets you listen to songs with 3.5mm audio jack equipped headphones but also let you recharge your iPhone at the same time. The 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter does exactly that, allowing you to plug in the adapter on the iPhone and then using the split cable to plug in the headphones and lightning charging cable. You can buy the Vowsvows 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter for iPhone for $10.98.

Urgod Lightning Splitter

Boosting compatibility with all models of iPhone including iPhone X and iPhone 8 and all versions of iOS, Urgod Lightning Splitter features a different design than the other options mentioned in this article. For audio input it features a lightning input instead of port for 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use the Lightning EarPods or any third-party headphones with a lightning connector. Instead of having a cable it has a more compact design that lets you plug in your lightning headphones and charging cable into the splitter, and listen to music and recharge the device at the same time. You can buy this accessory for $19.99.

Cone Lightning to 3.5mm Aux Headphone Audio Adapter

This multifunctional audio and charging adapter for the lightning port is compatible with all models of iPhone including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It is durable, well built and comes with as 1 year warranty. You can buy it for $14.99.

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