Is This Really Apple’s Upcoming OLED Television? [Photos]

Every once in a while we hear rumors about Apple making devices in a totally new product category. These days rumors concerning Apple Car project as well as an augmented reality glasses of some sort are popular. A few years ago rumors about Apple TV, not the Apple TV box but an actual Apple made Television were popular until they were laid to rest by this WSJ report, which claimed Apple has scrapped plans of making a standalone television set.

Now according to a Weibo post discovered by Twitter based mobile reporter Benjamin Geskin, Apple is allegedly testing a new Apple TV at what appears to be a testing facility in China. The Weibo post is accompanied with the text that translates to “Apple OLED TV spy photos”. The test device’s size is also mentioned, which is said to be at enormous 60-inches.

The so called spy shots appear to have been taken when the device was being shown on a close circuit camera and show the alleged Apple TV appearing on a screen. Other photos have been taken from the back of the device and also show the black Apple logo.

The leak seems sketchy to say the least. The Television shown in the images appears to be quite blurry for us to make anything of it, and the device does not seem to be in a finished state. Also, if Apple was to test the device at an early stage like this, then they would do it in their top secret labs in California and not in some testing facility in China where anyone can take spy shots and share it on social media.

Without considering this leak as definitive and pointing to the imminent launch of an Apple branded OLED TV, we can certainly say that we are intrigued. There’s a possibility that Apple is testing a display unit and could be planning on making the next generation Cinema display, although 60-inches seems to be too big for a monitor. The company discontinued its own displays and has been relying on LG to make 5K displays for the MacBooks.

What do you think about this rumor? Do you think Apple will release a standalone television in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below. (via)

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