Apple Adds Customer Support Role To iTunes Connect For Responding To App Reviews

To make life easier for organizations who have customer support members in their app development teams, Apple has introduced a new role in iTunes Connect called ‘Customer Support’. The Customer Support role will makes it possible for organizations who have apps in the App Store to add customer support experts in their developer accounts, so they can respond to user complaints and suggestions.

In addition to Customer Support members those with Admin privileges in iTunes Connect will be able to respond to customer reviews. It is now possible for account admins to assign Customer Support role to members who will not only be able to respond to customer reviews but will also have access to Resources and Help, Users and Roles and My Apps sections of iTunes Connect. Members who have Customer Support role can have other roles as well in the account.

Customer Support members of the team can simply tap on any app from the ‘My Apps’ section in order to get to the Ratings and Reviews section. There they will be able to directly respond to customer reviews.

After adding this new role Apple has automatically assigned team members with App Manager and Marketer roles to Customer Support role. Any users who were added to the team after July 13th, 2017 will have to be manually added to the Customer Support role.

This new role has been added after Apple added the ability for developers to respond to app reviews left by App Store users. Customer Support role will facilitate app developers better.

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