Best Boondocking Apps For Camping In 2024 – Find Campsites

In this blog, we discuss the best boondocking apps for iPhone – no designated campgrounds, no reservations, just you and the great outdoors.

There’s nothing worse than trying to escape the daily grind with a camping retreat, only to land at campsites teeming with people. If you’ve been itching to ditch the crowd and venture into the wild unknown then my friend, that’s the call of boondocking – the uncharted territory of camping where your GPS might say, “You’re on your own now, bud.”

For those unfamiliar, boondocking is like the rebel of camping. It’s about setting up your tent or parking your RV in the great outdoors, but without any of the usual perks (like designated spots with marked paths). Forget about services or official campgrounds, it’s all about roughing it on untamed land. 

So, how do you go about finding these wild camping sites? There’s an app for it.

Map Your Way to Fun Using Free Campsites Locator Apps

Finding those elusive boondocking spots is no easy feat. That’s where technology steps in. In our quest for the ultimate camping experience, we’ve put several apps to find public lands to the test – think of us as your camping guinea pigs, sans the squeaking. And now, we represent the best boondocking apps for iPhone users to you.

1. The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping

The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping

Dyrt stands out as the best app for RV camping and tent camping for its comprehensive campground reviews and user-friendly interface. With a whopping 50,000+ campgrounds in its database, it caters to tents, RVs, trailers, cabins, and even glamping enthusiasts. 

To ensure you find the ideal spot, The Dyrt offers an array of filters allowing you to sort campgrounds by distance, rating, type, and more. But here’s the real game-changer – the photos and reviews provided by fellow campers.

Get a firsthand look at the campsites through the eyes of those who’ve been there, adding a personal touch to your planning. This is exactly why it’s hailed as one of the best boondocking apps for iPhone. 

Moreover, the app helps you find the best campgrounds along your driving route, and with detailed maps including BLM, USFS, and Cell Service maps, you’ll never feel lost in the wild. And if you’re worried about going off the grid, the Offline Mode’s got you well-equipped even without any signals.

Download The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping now.

2. Campspot | RV Camping

Campspot | RV Camping

For RV enthusiasts, Campspot is the best app for campers in 2024. Booking a camping trip has seriously never been this easy. Whether you’re a spontaneous adventurer or just daydreaming about your next outdoor escapade, this app is your go-to. With over 100,000 campsites waiting to be explored, you’ll never run out of options.

You can browse and instantly book from a whopping 230,000 campsites removing any stress in finding that perfect spot. And here’s the beauty of it – the app lets you filter each result quickly, so you’re not sifting through options that don’t fit your vibe.

And oh, for those seeking a bit more solitude, you can easily find private campgrounds along the way. It’s like having a secret hideout, away from the crowds, just waiting for you to set up camp and unwind.

But here’s what makes this the best boondocking app for iPhone. If you stumble upon a gem of a campsite, so perfect that you want to keep it close, you totally can. The app lets you easily save your favorite campgrounds without a hassle.

Download Campspot | RV Camping now.

3. Boondocking 


Use the Boondocking app in 2024 and live the adventures you’ve been dreaming of, minus the stress of planning. The app gives you access to a whopping 1,925 free boondocking locations right on your iPhone. And guess what? No internet required.

But, what makes it the best boondocking app for iPhone? Its reliance on crowdsourcing which makes it a treasure trove of diverse and subjective experiences. From scenic spots to hidden gems, these locations are continuously growing as more users contribute their findings. Plus, it also lets you plan your journey within driving distance and time from your current location. 

Additionally, the app caters to all your exploration needs. Choose from various map types like Open Street Map and fine-tune your search by filtering locations based on amenities. Need water, toilets, or a spot for your big rig? Just customize your preferences and only the locations that match your checklist appear. Oh and if you stumble upon a view you want to save for later, mark its locations as favorites, so you can revisit those jaw-dropping spots with a simple tap.

Download Boondocking now.

4. Campendium – RV & Tent Camping

Campendium - RV & Tent Camping

Crafted by fellow campers for fellow campers, Campendium stands out as the best campground locator app for anyone hitting the open road. It covers everything from lush RV parks to secluded, free-of-charge hideaways, boasting tens of thousands of carefully curated campsite options.

Thanks to a dedicated team of full-time travelers vetting locations and a robust community of over 750,000 members providing reviews, you only get the best.

From National Parks and Forests to BLM lands, and State and County Park Campgrounds, it’s a one-stop-shop for finding your ideal home for the night. Moreover, RV Parks, Free Dispersed Camping, and a treasure trove of campground photos and reviews await eager explorers.

But here’s what makes Campendium one of the best boondocking app for iPhone users. It comes equipped with map overlays, ensuring you’re not just finding a beautiful spot but one with reliable cell coverage. And it also extends its embrace to Canada and Mexico, making it an indispensable tool for any North American traveler.

Download Campendium – RV & Tent Camping now.

5. Allstays Camp & RV – Road Maps

Allstays Camp & RV - Road Maps

Seamlessly blending functionality with user-friendliness, Allstays Camp & RV stands is your one-stop gateway to over 34,000 campgrounds across the US and Canada. The inclusivity of popular, hike-in, boat-in, and off-road spots ensures there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast, making it the best boondocking app for iPhone users.

More than just an app to find free campsites, it’s a treasure trove with over 500,000 map pins spanning North America. The Outdoor Guide feature lets you discover camping spots complete with showers and detailed information about amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. From military famcamps and national parks to public or private lands, the app covers it all. Beyond campgrounds, explore grocery store locations, casinos, stores, rest areas, RV rentals, and other services, making it your comprehensive travel companion.

Download Allstays Camp & RV – Road Maps now.

6. RV Parky – Parks & Campgrounds

RV Parky - Parks & Campgrounds

RV Parky offers the ability to plan your route seamlessly, thanks to its extensive directory of over 30,000 listings. The creators of RV Parky understand the struggles of life on the road, and that’s why they’ve created an app for finding free campsites that goes above and beyond.

It includes locating campgrounds, rest areas, Walmarts, Camping Worlds, Cabella’s, Cracker Barrels, and Truck Stops – basically, all the pitstops you’ll ever need. Best part? It covers not just the USA but extends to Canada and Mexico, making it your go-to guide across borders.

So, what makes it the best boondocking app for iPhone? This app is a creation born out of a full-time RVer’s experience. It’s like having a fellow RVer whispering insider tips and tricks directly into your ear.

The app doesn’t just give you a laundry list of places, it’s all about delivering valuable information. You can feast your eyes on pictures and get precise directions to your next destination, making the planning process a breeze.

Download RV Parky – Parks & Campgrounds now.

7. RV LIFE – RV GPS & Campgrounds

RV LIFE - RV GPS & Campgrounds

Closing our list is RV LIFE, a versatile app to find free camping sites in remote areas. Smoothly navigate your RV with RV LIFE’s GPS features tailored to your RV’s specifications. You don’t even have to think about low clearances or risky routes over mountain passes. This app offers turn-by-turn directions with voice navigation, lane guidance, and real-time traffic updates, ensuring a secure and efficient journey.

Discover the unparalleled campground locator boasting a whopping 10 million data points covering over 20,000 campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts. More importantly, the RV LIFE community, powered by over 1 million RVers, contributes valuable tips, reviews, and photos, providing you with insights from fellow road warriors.

That’s not all. You can explore destinations, find activities, check weather forecasts, and more – all in one app. Plus, integrate seamlessly with RV Trip Wizard to access your planned trips and navigate effortlessly to your next destination. All of this and more contribute to its reputation as the best boondocking app for iPhone users.

Download RV LIFE – RV GPS & Campgrounds now.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the wild side of camping where you make your own rules is akin to embarking on an unscripted adventure. It’s a liberating journey as long as you do it right.

No more predefined campsites or established paths. Follow your instincts, set up camp where the spirit moves you, and relish the untamed beauty of the great outdoors. While you’re at it, keep your choice of the best nature camping site finder apps on your iPhone for an elevated experience. 

Before you go, we want to know the essentials in your backpack and your favorite campsite finder apps for iPhone. Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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