Best ChatGPT GPT-4o Apps For iPhone

Best ChatGPT GPT-4o Apps

ChatGPT GPT-4o launched recently with enhanced AI capabilities. If you want to take advantage of the more advanced AI model for free on iPhone, then we recommend the following GPT-4o supported apps from the App Store.

These apps offer useful features like voice mode, the ability to take photos, summarize PDF documents, AI image generation, and more.

Best ChatGPT GPT-4o Apps for iPhone

1. Chatbot 4o AI Chat – Genie 

Chatbot 4o AI Chat - Genie

Notable features:

  • Advanced Technology Integration: GPT-4 powered intelligence.
  • Versatile Functionality: Handles diverse topics effortlessly.
  • Intuitive Design: User-friendly and practical.

First on our list of the best iPhone GPT-4o apps is Genie AI. It is not just any chatbot; it’s a powerful tool crafted with advanced technology from ChatGPT and GPT-4.

With Genie, interaction is enjoyable and practical. Ask questions, seek advice, organize your schedule, or have a casual chat. Its intuitive design, powered by GPT-4, ensures it understands your needs deeply. Genie acts like a personal assistant, available 24/7 for quick answers, helpful suggestions, and learning. Constantly evolving with ChatGPT’s technology, each chat experience improves over time.

With the power of GPT-4, Genie understands context and nuance like no other chatbot. Whether you’re planning a vacation, looking for recipe ideas, or simply in the mood for a friendly chat, Genie can effortlessly handle a wide array of topics.

It’s not just a chatbot; it’s a sophisticated AI companion designed to enrich your daily life, making every interaction with your smartphone more meaningful and productive.

Install Chatbot 4o AI Chat – Genie from the App Store now

2. AI Chat 4.0: Genius

AI Chat 4.0: Genius

Notable features:

  • Comprehensive Assistance: Versatile task handling.
  • GPT-4 Vision: Advanced photo analysis.
  • Personalized Responses: Tailored AI assistance.

Imagine having an assistant who can help with virtually anything: whether it’s crafting the perfect piece of writing, conducting thorough research, performing complex analyses, coding your next big project, or solving challenging problems, Genius has you covered.

This AI isn’t just smart—it’s brilliantly intuitive, making your interactions feel as effortless as chatting with a friend.

Genius goes beyond text-based interactions with the remarkable addition of GPT-4 Vision. Now, you can send photos to Genius for analysis. Need help recognizing objects in an image? Want an accurate caption for your picture? Have a visual question that needs answering? Genius’s advanced visual understanding capabilities make all of this possible.

What sets Genius apart is its ability to act as a personalized AI assistant, powered by the latest in AI technology. It tailors its responses to meet your unique needs, offering personalized assistance that feels genuinely helpful.

The integration of GPT-4 Vision allows Genius to perform sophisticated image analysis, from object recognition to detailed visual question answering, opening up a world of possibilities. All this functionality is wrapped in an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed with you in mind to make interacting with AI a breeze.

Install AI Chat 4.0: Genius from the App Store now

3. Al Chat – AI Chatbot Assistant 

Al Chat - AI Chatbot Assistant

Notable features:

  • Essay Writer: Eliminates writer’s block.
  • Fitness Planner: Tailored health and wellness.
  • Code Generator: Boosts coding productivity.

Imagine having a personal assistant that can chat, type, and translate, all powered by the latest advancements in AI. Meet Al Chat, an AI chatbot assistant driven by the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT GPT-4 and Turbo GPT APIs, leveraging OpenAI’s official API. With the newest AI capabilities from OpenAI, including GPT-4 and GPT Vision, Al Chat is set to revolutionize conversational experiences.

Al Chat’s Essay Writer feature eradicates writer’s block. Crafted essays are tailored to specific needs. The Song Writer feature caters to budding musicians, generating songs that match individual styles and preferences. The Story Teller feature immerses users in captivating narratives.

The Math Guru enhances understanding and skills, going beyond ready-made solutions. The personalized fitness planner assists in achieving health and wellness goals effortlessly. Al Chat’s Fitness Planner is the ideal companion for improving or creating fitness routines.

What’s more? When faced with challenges, Al Chat’s Problem Solver offers innovative solutions to complex issues, helping conquer any obstacle. Need to craft professional emails quickly? The Email Writer feature saves time and ensures impeccable writing quality.

For developers, the Code Generator streamlines the coding process with AI-generated code snippets, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Install Al Chat – AI Chatbot Assistant from the App Store now

4. ChatOn – AI Chat Bot Assistant

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant

Notable features:

  • AI Writing Assistant: Personalized writing help.
  • Grammar and Spelling Checker: Ensures writing accuracy.
  • Professional Rewriter: Enhances content quality.

Yet another one of the best GPT-4o apps for iPhone is AI Chat Bot Assistant! Powered by the latest ChatGPT API and GPT-4 models, ChatOn revolutionizes the way you approach creativity and productivity. Whether you’re a professional in need of compelling copy or a student struggling with coding, ChatOn is here to help.

Imagine having a personal assistant that understands your needs, anticipates your questions, and delivers solutions in an instant. With ChatOn, that’s exactly what you get. From crafting captivating speeches to summarizing complex documents, ChatOn’s capabilities are limitless.

One of ChatOn’s standout features is its AI Writing Assistant. Whether you’re drafting an email, composing a poem, or preparing a presentation, ChatOn provides personalized assistance tailored to your writing style and objectives.

ChatOn’s versatility extends beyond writing tasks. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast looking to create captivating posts or a coding novice in need of assistance, ChatOn has you covered. With features like Grammar and Spelling Checker, Professional Rewriter, and YouTube Pro, ChatOn streamlines your workflow and enhances your productivity.

Install ChatOn – AI Chat Bot Assistant from the App Store now

5. Chat & Ask AI by Codeway

Chat & Ask AI by Codeway

Notable features:

  • Historical Conversations: Talk to historical figures.
  • AI Image Generation: Visualize and describe scenes.
  • Learning Adventures: Engaging language and subject lessons.

Wonder what it’s like to talk to historical figures or business experts? With Chat & Ask AI, you can have these intriguing conversations right from your phone. Seek recommendations, find inspiration, or simply learn something new.

Use AI image generation to visualize scenes or describe places you’ve only imagined. Snap a photo of anything around you and get instant information with image input technology. Need help with writing? The AI-powered writing assistant generates ideas, outlines, and paragraphs effortlessly, whether you’re crafting a song, a story, or a blog post.

Ready to learn? Dive into new languages with enthusiasm as AI turns lessons into adventures. From samurai quests to virtual restaurants, learning has never been more exciting. Struggling with homework? Chat & Ask AI is your go-to helper for any subject. Extract key points from videos or documents in an instant.

Chat & Ask AI by Codeway is not just an app—it’s your gateway to a more informed, imaginative life. So what are you waiting for? Start your AI-powered adventure today.

Install Chat & Ask AI by Codeway from the App Store now

6. ChatBox – AI Chat with Chatbot

ChatBox - AI Chat with Chatbot

Notable features:

  • AI Writing Assistant: Transforms words into masterpieces.
  • AI Photo Generator: Creates stunning visuals from text.
  • Versatile Assistance: Includes AI Dating Coach, Lawyer, and Tutor.

ChatBox isn’t just your average chatbot. It’s a versatile assistant ready to tackle any challenge you throw its way. Whether you’re seeking writing advice, solving problems, or unleashing your creativity, ChatBox has got your back.

Forget about dull grammar checks; this one of the best free GPT-4o apps for iPhone is here to elevate your writing game. From crafting speeches to refining your text messages, this AI writing assistant goes beyond basic corrections. With its AI essay writer capabilities, ChatBox can transform your words into masterpieces, ensuring your voice shines through with authenticity.

Ever dreamed of turning your thoughts into art? With ChatBox’s AI photo generator, you can bring your ideas to life. Simply share a photo, and watch as ChatBox works its magic, transforming your text into stunning visuals.

ChatBox is your ultimate sidekick, ready to assist you in every aspect of life. Need romantic advice? Consult the AI Dating Coach. Legal questions? Chat with the AI Lawyer. Want to brush up on your skills? The AI Tutor has got you covered.

Install ChatBox – AI Chat with Chatbot from the App Store now

These are some of our favorite GPT-4o apps that you can download on your iPhone right now. Did we miss any good ChatGPT GPT-4o app? Let us know in the comments below.

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