Best Mastodon Apps For iPhone And iPad

Best Mastodon apps for iPhone

Here are some of the best Mastodon apps for iPhone and iPad users. With these apps you can use your Mastodon account on the go and take advantage of all the amazing features that are available on the decentralized social media platform.

Mastodon has been gaining popularity among users looking to escape Twitter. The platform is a free and open-source social networking site. As a decentralized network, it has many servers, and each server pays for its upkeep.

The microblogging features, which are eerie echoes of Twitter, make it a huge hit with users. Due to its open-source nature, many developers have built their Mastodon clients, complete with tools and custom features.

Because of the growing popularity, there are plenty of Mastodon apps, but finding the best mastodon app for iPhone can be time-consuming and tricky. The App Store is filled with a plethora of Mastodon apps, making it easier than ever to get involved in the Mastodon world. 

Mastadon App for iPhone and iPad

Each of these applications offers a unique set of features. Let’s help you find the best iPhone mastodon apps.

1. Mastodon for iPhone and iPad

iPhone Mastodon apps

Mastodon is designed to be a private and safe social network. Choose whether the people you mention will see your posts, just your followers, or the entire world. The content warning feature lets you hide posts containing sensitive or triggering content until you are ready to engage with them. Aside from that, each community has its own rules and moderators to keep its members safe, as well as robust blocking and reporting tools.

Become a member of a community and create a profile. A chronological timeline allows you to find and follow fascinating individuals plus hashtags trends so you can expand your network. The 500-character posts even allow you to express yourself with custom emojis, images, GIFs, videos, and audio. 

Install Mastodon for iPhone and iPad from the app store now

2. Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots

Introducing Ivory, a new Mastodon app that brings the award-winning Tweetbot from Twitter over to Mastodon. In the design and development of the app, the developers pay meticulous attention to every detail and put the user experience first. You can download the app today and experience it for yourself. 

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that Ivory is still in “Early Access”, which means that some features aren’t yet available. These include the ability to edit your profile or edit posts after they have been published. Despite this, Tapbots has published a roadmap of what’s coming, and while a Mac app isn’t available yet, it’s expected soon.

Install Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots from the App Store now

3. Ice Cubes: for Mastodon

Best Mastodon apps for iPhone

The next application on our list is IceCubesApp, which also allows you to access the decentralized social network Mastodon! This app is entirely built in SwiftUI, making it fast, light, and simple to use. The Mastodon platform lets you post updates, interact with other users, and browse your timeline from any place.

To learn more about Ice Cubes, you don’t have to go to a traditional website. Instead, you can get all the information you need right from the GitHub page. You can also report bugs you find while using the app, as well as see what features are being worked on. 

The best part? You can help out or create your forked version of the app if you have experience developing applications.

Install Ice Cubes: for Mastodon from the App Store now

4. Metatext

An accessible, free, open-source client for Mastodon, Metatext offers all the features you’d expect of a modern client.

The clean and intuitive interface of Metatext has earned a high rating in the App Store with 4.5 stars. Metatext receives many positive comments about its speed and ease of use. It is even referred to as the ‘best app for Mastodon’ by several users. Despite this, there are a few features that are missing from the app. Users discovered some bugs, and several people requested dark mode. 

Perhaps the dark mode is buried within the settings, as the advertisement does display it. Despite that, Metatext has one of the most attractive features: the ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously. 

Having a combined feed allows users to access different servers from different accounts. A favorite feature of the app is that it has no ads, tracking, or algorithms, so users do not have to worry about privacy violations. When it comes to free apps for Mastodon users, Metatext is a great choice.

Install Metatext from the App Store now

5. Mast: for Mastodon

The Mast app is a feature-packed app, designed with macOS design guidelines in mind. It is a federated and decentralized social networking service. Reading the latest content is made easier with the stunning timelines in this app.

Think of it like email, where you can pick your provider, yet communicate with anybody from anywhere. 

Mastodon instances allow users to find their communities and to communicate with one another based on their preference for visibility. It is safer due to the content warnings and is far more expressive due to the increased character count. In other words, it is what microblogging was meant to be.

Mast: for Mastodon is a paid app and is available in the App Store for $2.99.

Install Mast: for Mastodon from the App Store now

6. Mastoot

The way Mastoot interacts with consumers and looks set it apart from the competition. There are times, however, when the app takes some time to refresh and load the most recent updates. 

Apart from that, Mastoot’s search engine is completely broken: the search bar may appear after clicking or holding the magnifying glass for a long period. However, it only displays a few toots in a list that you cannot personalize, regardless of how many tabs it has for users and toots. Clicking on the Users button stops the search once you choose to view users!

Mastoot is compatible with Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Even though it is reasonably compatible, customers will not be wowed simply by compatibility. In the meantime, let’s wait until the producer adds any updates or advancements. 

Install Mastoot from the App Store now

7. tooot – fediverse and Mastodon

Best Mastodon apps for iPhone

While free is great, there is a reason why Toot exists! The app ranks number one in the paid social networking category of the App Store. Although the app costs $3.99, it is one of the best apps for new Mastodon users. The 4.4 rating is a result of users’ praise for the design, animations, and user interface. 

This app allows users to seamlessly switch between accounts, thanks to its speed and power. Some people dislike the fact that it still has some kinks regarding font size changes and hashtags. 

However, even with a few shortcomings, many users love the ease of use, filters, and other features that the app offers.

Install tooot – fediverse and Mastodon from the App Store now

8. Toot! for Mastodon

Best Mastodon apps for iPhone

Toot! is one of the clients for the Mastodon social network. The app’s design is aesthetically pleasing, and it has a lot of character and whimsy.

To begin with, this app is constantly updated and provides something new with each new version. Those who are unfamiliar with Mastodon should start by favoring Toot!

It is an outstanding Mastodon app for iPhone that deserves a spot on our list of top Mastodon apps. You immediately notice that this app has an Obsidian theme when you activate it for the first time. Not only is the theme distinctive, but so is how it alerts or notifies you. We bet, you will fall head over heels for its amazing audio alerts!

Toot! is a paid app and is available in the App Store for $3.99.

Install Toot! for Mastodon from the App Store now

In a Nutshell

Among the most popular decentralized social networks on the internet, Mastodon is the largest. A network of millions of independent communities rather than a single website allows users to interact seamlessly. The Mastodon community has passionate people posting about everything you’re interested in!

So, download any of the apps we mentioned on our list and get ready to socialize!

Are you familiar with Mastodon? Let us know in the comments section.

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