Bimmy – NES Emulator For iPhone And iPad Hits The App Store

Bimmy NES Emulator for iPhone
Bimmy NES Emulator for iPhone

Following Apple’s policy change in App Store Guidelines, the Bimmy – NES Emulator app has been released in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The NES emulator has been created by developer Tom Salvo and is available as a free download.

Update: The Bimmy – NES Emulator has been pulled by its developer, who in a post on the MacRumors forum stated that he is pulling the emulator “just out of fear” assumably from Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Here’s his full statement.

Pulled by me, just out of fear. No one pressured me to, but I got more nervous about it as the day went on. Very sorry to get everyone’s hopes up, but hopefully hopefully there will be other more brave devs than me in the future

While the app description for Bimmy – NES Emulator says it is a simple emulator that helps in homebrew game development and testing, and encourages users to play public domain ROMs, the emulator can also be used to play retro NES Games from Nintendo.

Of course, the emulator does not come with such ROMs however they can be downloaded from the web. Some of the popular games this emulator should be able to run include Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong.

Bimmy – NES Emulator isn’t the first emulator that has launched in the App Store following Apple’s policy change. iGBA was another emulator that allowed users to play Game Boy Advanced retro games on their iOS device however that particular emulator was pulled from the App Store after Apple was informed that it was a clone of the popular GBA4iOS emulator by Riley Testut.

With Bimmy – NES Emulator you get native iPhone and iPad support, CPU, APU, and PPU emulation, Files app integration, game controller support, and Save State support.

You can download this NES Emulator from the App Store for free here.

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