First Retro Game Boy Emulator iGBA Shows Up In App Store After Apple’s Policy Change (Update: Removed)

iGBA Game Boy Emulator
iGBA Game Boy Emulator

Recently Apple changed the App Store review guidelines to allow retro game console emulator apps on the App Store. According to the change the game emulators can also offer to download games.

Update: Apple has removed the iGBA Game Boy Emulator from the App Store. The emulator was removed after Apple learned that this particular emulator was a clone of the GBA4iOS emulator, which violates the copyright and spam policy of the App Store Guidelines. It is important to emphasize the iGBA was not removed due to its feature that allowed users to import downloaded ROMs from the web.

One week after the change was announced on Apple’s App Store guidelines page, the first emulator apps have now started to show up on the App Store for download. This includes the iGBA: GBA & GBC Retro Emulator.

Now users can download the iGBA Game Boy Emulator on their iPhone and iPad, and load up game ROMs to play Game Boy games on their device.

Previously users had to rely on sideloading techniques with the help of AltStore or Sideloadly to install game emulators on their iOS device.

Interestingly, users can download Classic Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, or Game Boy Color ROMs from the Internet in Safari and tap on the ‘Open In’ button to play the downloaded games in iGBA emulator. You can download game ROMs from any website on the internet.

You can download the iGBA: GBA & GBC Retro Emulator from the App Store for free.

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