How To Sideload Apps On iPhone With AltStore And Sideloadly (Guide)

Sideload apps on iPhone

If you’re looking for tools that allow users to sideload unsigned apps to their iPhone or iPad, then you are going to find this post very useful. Here we have featured two of the popular sideloading apps and tools, which enable users to sideload their favorite apps and games to their iOS device without the need for jailbreak.

Read to learn about the best sideloading tools for iPhone, their features, and how to use them to sideload apps and games.

What is sideloading on iPhone or iPad?

Before we talk about the sideloading apps for iPhone users, let’s first take a look at what sideloading is and why is it so useful for users who want more control over their devices.

Sideloading is a process that allows iPhone and iPad users to install third-party apps on their devices that are not available through the App Store. This is typically an unapproved app that was either not allowed on the App Store or Apple has removed it from the store. In order to sideload an app users are required to have access to an IPA file for the app that they want to install. Users can sideload an app or game to their iPhone from Mac or Windows PC.

What makes sideloading more accessible is that it does not require the device to be jailbroken. This is great since jailbreaks have become hard to come by and come with many strings attached. While it does not offer other customizations to users such as the ability to install tweaks and themes, Sideloading is a more convenient option for users who want to install unauthorized apps on their device without jailbreaking it.

Best Sideloading apps for iPhone and iPad users

Now that you know what sideloading is, let’s take a look at the sideloading tools that you can use on your Mac or Windows in order to sideload apps to your iOS device.

1. AltStore

AltStore is by far the most popular sideloading tool that has been around for a long time. AltStore is an iOS application that you can install on your device from your computer through AltServer. Once AltServer is running on your computer you can transfer apps to your iPhone and manage them on your device with AltStore.

AltStore is available on macOS and Windows and can be used to sideload apps on all versions of iOS including the latest versions of iOS 16.

How to use AltStore to sideload apps

Here’s how you can install AltStore on your device and start using it.

Step 1. First of all download AltServer on your Mac or Windows from the official website here.

Step 2. Now launch AltStore and connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure it is unlocked and you tap on the ‘Trust this computer’ button if prompted.

Step 3. Then make sure you enable Wi-Fi Sync on your device.

  • On Windows and macOS Mojave: Launch iTunes and enable ‘Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi’.
  • On macOS Catalina or later: Launch Finder, click on iPhone from side pane, and enable ‘Show this iPhone/ iPad when on Wi-Fi.

Step 4. Click on the AltServer icon from top menu bar on Mac and taskbar on Windows. From the drop-down menu click on ‘Install AltStore’ and select your iPhone from the sub-menu.

Sideload apps on iPhone

Step 5. Enter Apple ID and password so that AltServer can authenticate with Apple. The password is only sent for Apple to verify and is not shared with anyone else.

Step 6. Wait for the notification that says AltStore has been installed on your device. Now on iPhone open Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and then tap on ‘Trust’ button for your own Apple ID. Confirm by tapping on Trust again.

Step 7. If you are running iOS 16 or later then go to Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Developer Mode and enable the toggle for ‘Developer Mode’.

Note: If you are on Mac, then you will be prompted to install Mail Plug-in. This is an essential step for AltStore to work.

To install Mail Plug-in you can click on Install Mail Plug-in from AltServer menu, and enter your Mac password to grant installation permission to AltServer. Then quit and reopen Mail and click on Mail option from the top menu bar.

Then go to Preferences and click on the Manage Plug-ins button. Finally, enable AltPlugin.mailbundle and restart the Mail app.

2. Sideloadly

Sideload apps on iPhone

Sideloadly is another popular tool that lets users sideload apps and games to iPhone. This tool does not require jailbreak and works on all iOS versions from iOS 7 up to iOS 16.2. With this tool you can easily sideload apps with a free or paid Apple developer account even from an Apple Silicon Mac.

Sideloadly is available on both macOS and Windows platforms. You can install and use Sideloadly using the steps below.

How to use Sideloadly to sideload apps

Step 1. Download Sideloadly on your Mac or Windows PC from the official website here.

Step 2. Now launch Sideloadly and click on the Cancel button when prompted Sideloadly cannot be opened.

Step 3. On macOS Ventura or later go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security and scroll down.

Step 4. Click on ‘Open Anyway’ where it says “Sideloadly” was blocked from use because…, then verify with Mac password and click on OK buttons on subsequent popups.

Sideload apps on iPhone

Step 5. Now that Sideloadly is running, plug your iPhone or iPad to the computer with a USB cable and enter your Apple ID username under the ‘Apple account:’ field.

Step 6. Now drag and drop the .ipa file that you want to sideload on your iOS device. Make sure to drop the file on the IPA icon on the tool’s interface.

Step 7. Next click on the Start button and enter the password of your Apple ID.

Step 8. On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and then tap on ‘Trust’ button for your own Apple ID. Confirm by tapping on Trust again.

Step 9. If you are running iOS 16 or later then go to Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Developer Mode and enable the toggle for ‘Developer Mode’.

That’s it, this is how you can sideload apps on your iPhone or iPad with the help of Sideloadly, no jailbreak required.

There you have it folks, this is how you can easily sideload apps on iPhone or iPad with the help of AltStore and Sideloadly tool.

If you have any question regarding this tutorial, then do let us know in the comments below.

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