Don’t Get Duped: How To Spot Fake Apps On The App Store

There are over 2 million apps available on the App Store, so it’s not surprising that fake apps occasionally manage to get downloaded. Due to the possibility that they may contain malware, steal personal information, or trick users into paying for a service that doesn’t exist, these fraudulent apps pose a serious risk to users. In order to protect your personal information and device, we will go over some tips on how to identify fake apps on the App Store.

Why Do Fake Apps Exist on the App Store?

The App Store may contain fake apps for a variety of reasons. To trick users into paying for a service that doesn’t exist is one typical factor. For instance, a fake app might advertise that it will offer cheap monthly access to a well-known streaming service. Users who fall for this scam will wind up shelling out money for a service they never get.

Another reason for fake apps is to steal personal information from users. These apps may look legitimate, but they are designed to collect personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data. This information can then be used for identity theft or other fraudulent activities.

Malware, which can infect your device and cause a number of issues, may also be present in some fake apps. Malware can steal data, track your online activity, or render your device unusable.

Tips for Spotting Fake Apps on the App Store

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to spot fake apps on the App Store. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Check the App Store Reviews

One of the best ways to spot fake apps is to check the reviews in the App Store. Real users will often leave reviews that provide insight into the app’s performance, functionality, and overall user experience. If an app has a lot of negative reviews or suspicious-looking positive reviews, it may be a sign that the app is fake.

Be wary of apps with many five-star reviews but very few or no reviews from users who have given the app a lower rating. It’s possible that the app developer has paid for fake reviews or incentivized users to leave positive reviews.

Look for Official App Logos

Legitimate apps will have official logos that match those used by the companies they represent. For example, if you’re downloading the Netflix app, the app logo should check the official Netflix logo. If the logo looks different or doesn’t match the official logo, it may be a sign that the app is fake.

Check the App Developer’s Information

Before downloading an app, check the app developer’s information to see if it matches the company it is supposed to represent. You can do this by clicking on the developer’s name in the App Store listing.

If the developer’s information doesn’t match the company the app is supposed to represent, or if the developer’s name is unfamiliar, it may be a sign that the app is fake.

Read the App Description Carefully

Take the time to read the app description carefully before downloading it. Look for any language that seems too good to be true or promises something that seems unlikely. For example, if an app promises to provide free access to a popular streaming service, it’s likely a fake app.

Why a VPN is a Great Option for Spotting Fake Apps

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is another excellent way to spot fake apps on the App Store. A VPN encrypts your internet connection and masks your IP address, making it harder for third-party actors to track your online activity. This added layer of security can help protect you from fake apps that may contain malware or steal personal information.

When using a VPN, your connection to the internet is routed through a remote server, making it difficult for anyone to intercept your online activity. This is particularly useful when using public Wi-Fi networks, as these networks are often unsecured and can be easily compromised by hackers.

Additionally, some VPN services offer features such as ad-blockers and malware protection, which can help you avoid fake apps and other malicious content online. On desktop, downloading the free VPN Chrome extension will minimize the risks of getting played by fake apps.


Fake apps can pose a serious risk to users, but with these tips, you can spot fake apps on the App Store and keep your personal information and device safe. Remember to check the app reviews, look for official app logos, check the app developer’s information, read the app description carefully, and test the app’s functionality before downloading.

Using a VPN can also provide an added layer of security, protecting you from malicious actors online. You can enjoy a safer and more secure online experience by staying vigilant and taking the necessary precautions.

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