DropNotch App For MacBook’s Notch Makes File Sharing Easy

DropNotch app
DropNotch app

If you share files with AirDrop, Messages, or Mail a lot and own a MacBook with a notch, then the DropNotch app for macOS is a must-try.

This clever app converts MacBook’s notch area into a drop zone, where users can drag and drop files to share them easily using AirDrop and other services.

In addition to sharing users also get access to the Trash icon in the drop zone so you can use it to delete items quickly.

While DropNotch works best on MacBooks that feature a notch it also supports models that don’t have a notch, iMacs, and external displays. On non-notched devices, the app appears as a normal menu bar item where users can drag and drop items to share them.

DropNotch is a simple app that currently offers no customization options. While it functions seamlessly with AirDrop, Messages, and Mail, it could be significantly improved if the developer included the ability for users to add their favorite apps as sharing options.

You can download the DropNotch app for free from the developer’s website. It requires macOS Monterey or later and works on all Apple Silicone and Intel Macs.

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