Aptoide Alternative Games App Store Launching In EU Soon

Aptoide marketplace for iOS

Aptoide is the latest third-party app marketplace launching for iPhone users in the EU soon. This is the third app marketplace that is launching in the EU following the launches of Setapp and AltStore.

Aptoide app marketplace will be focusing primarily on games. It will launch with seven games initially including Charades, Solitaire, and Mahjong. The list of available games will increase as the store starts offering games from a ‘variety of developers’.

The creators of Aptoide claim that over 100 developers have expressed their interest in launching their games on their platform with 30 games currently being integrated. The store plans to add a new game every week after its launch.

Aptoide is rolling out with a closed launch that will kick off this Thursday. The store will have invitation-only access initially and issue 500 to 1,000 codes per day. Its creators say the waiting list has exceeded 20,000 signups already signifying great user interest in the new platform.

At its launch, Aptoide will become the first third-party app marketplace to support Apple-approved in-app purchases solution that is available to developers through IAP software development kit.

Aptoide marketplace is also available on Android where it offers content other than games, however on iOS the store will be limited to games only. According to The Verge, Aptoide CEO Paulo Trezentos says they may expand to additional content and services in the future.

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