Duet Display app turns iPad into a secondary display for Windows

Duet Display Windows1

A few months ago we wrote about the Duet Display app, which allows users to use their iPad or iPhone as a secondary display for their computer. Just like any second monitor users can use their iOS device’s screen as an extension to the computer’s screen. When the app was first released it only supported Mac OS X and iPad. Later support for iPhone was added as well. The app was an instant hit among Mac and iPad users everywhere as they rushed to download it from the App Store.

Now the Duet Display app has finally been updated to add support for Windows 7 and Windows 8, which means you can now connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows PC and use the device as a secondary display. Just like Macs the app runs without any lag at 60 frames per second with a Windows machine. Setting up the app remains simple as well since you just have to download the app on Windows and iOS, after which you have to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using the USB cable.

You can download the Due Display app on your iOS device for $9.99 here. You will also need the desktop version of the app, which you can download for Windows 7/8 and Mac here.

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