Easily share clipboard text or images between iOS and Mac with Command-C

Command-C iOS

Transferring text or images between iOS and Mac can be a major headache, especially when you are in a hurry and want to share the information instantly. An app called Command-C makes this task a lot simpler and quicker by enabling iOS and OS X users to share text as well as images between their devices wirelessly and without launching a bunch of apps. You will have to download Command-C apps on your iPhone or iPad and the Mac, and that’s about it as far as set up process goes.

Once downloaded you can begin using the Command-C app provided both of your devices are connected to the same WiFi network. All sharing is done in the background and the content is copied to clipboard as soon as it is received by the device. You can share both plain and formatted text using this app. For images all popular formats are supported including JPEG, JPEG200, PNG and TIFF. The app keeps track of all the items you have shared with Command-C, which you can access through the history section.

Command-C mac

By cleverly taking advantage of URL Schemes or Bookmarklets Command-C enables you to share clipboards from other apps as well and automates the process for the users.

To see this app in action and get a better understanding of how it works, watch the video embedded below.

Command-C clearly makes the life of iOS/OS X users easier and makes sharing text and photos between these two platforms a lot more seamless.

You can download Command-C app for iOS from the App Store for $3.99. The Mac version is available for free.

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