iRec App Lets You Record iPhone or iPad Screen Without A Computer

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If you are an iPhone or iPad user who is looking for an app that could record what’s happening on the screen, then try iRec app. This app allows users to record their screen without a Mac or having a jailbroken device. The developers of iRec have soft-launched their application, which is now available as an IPA file on their website. This means you have to use the Cydia Impactor tool in order to install it on your devices.

iRec iOS Screen Recorder app supports all major iOS version from iOS 7 up to iOS 10. For those users who are jailbroken someone on Reddit has already placed this tweak on a repo, so you can download it by adding ‘’ to your Cydia sources. iRec app offers a number of customization options to users that can adjust the output of the recorded video. This includes ability for users to change the color scheme, choose resolution, FPS, audio sources, sample rate, channels and more.

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We hope this app will also be released in the App Store or in a way that would allow us to install it directly on iOS, however you can still download it from developer’s official website here. The site also offers detailed step by step instructions on how to install iRec app since it is available as IPA for now. You will need a computer and Cydia Impactor tool in order to install the app.

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  1. I give up struggling to look for iOS screen recording app like iRec, Apple won’t approve for it. Currently, I’m using a desktop app call acethinker iphone screen recorder that mirrors my iPhone screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It’s not that direct, but it works.

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