New iPhone 7 Rumors: 5 Color Options, 32GB Base Memory and Bragi Dash

iphone 7 sims

The new iPhone 7 is set to get announced on September 7th. The new iPhone is the most anticipated device of the upcoming event, which may also feature announcements related to Apple Watch 2 and Macbook Pros. As the event gets closer new leaks and rumors continue to emerge suggesting alleged new details for the upcoming device. Recently a photo was allegedly leaked online that showed 5 different iPhone 7 SIM trays.

What’s special about this particular photo is that all the 5 SIM trays feature different colors, suggesting Apple will add one new color to the iPhone lineup. Currently Apple is offering Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold and Gold. However the photo also features a special SIM tray of ‘Space Black’ color. While the authenticity of this image is questionable, this is not the first time we have heard about Apple introducing a Space Black iPhone. It also makes sense for Apple to introduce this color as Apple Watch also comes in this color and it is quite popular among Apple customers.

iPhone 7 memory sticker

Second rumor comes from a leaked prototype device info sticker. The sticker shows information about an iPhone 7 model and indicates that it has a memory of 32GB. The sticker as seen above contains D10, which according to 9to5Mac corresponds to prototype iPhone 7. If this is true and the sticker is real, then this would confirm that iPhone 7 will be available in 32GB memory option unlike iPhone 6s. This also means that Apple will stop producing iPhones with 16GB memory and the cheapest iPhone will have 32GB memory availability.

Bragi Dash (1)

Perhaps the most exciting iPhone 7 speculation of this week comes from popular wireless headphone maker Bragi, which has announced that it will share some big news coming next week on September 5th. Apple is also holding the iPhone 7 event around that time on September 7th and has already sent out press invitations. Since Apple is removing the headphone jack from the new iPhone it is expected that the company will announce a partnership with the smartphone maker. Apart from close dates the second reason why people are expecting Bragi to make Apple related announcement is because their announcement event will also take place in Cupertino, California which is considered the home for Apple.

With iPhone 7 event getting closer, and with these alleged new leaks and speculations the excitement is building for Apple’s event. We will be updating you before, during and after the event, so make sure you follow our coverage here and on our official Twitter and Facebook channels.

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