This Short-lived App Store PG Client App Could Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

PG Client

In a huge blooper Apple’s App Store team approved an iOS app that could jailbreak any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.3.3. The app had a short life span after it was pulled from the App Store in less than one hour of it becoming the news. The app that was called ‘PG Client’ was using the cover of a Dribbble client. It probably used the same technique as the PP Jailbreak app, allowing users to remotely download content and jailbreak their device without a computer.

The fact that it made it through Apple’s rigorous app approval process is a big mystery. Someone is most probably going to lose his or her job over this incident, as Apple takes security and jailbreaking very seriously. According to different users the app has been live and available for download in the App Store for all of August after it was finally removed today. The removal came after many news websites on the Internet picked up on this Reddit thread. The app perfectly worked on devices running iOS 9.3.3 or earlier allowing users to semi-untethered jailbreak their devices.

Downloading a jailbreak tool from the App Store and jailbreaking iOS using an app without needing a computer has been the ultimate dream for any jailbreak lover. Although this app was short-lived and was result of a blunder from Apple’s App Store team, it was still fun to see it happen at least once. (Image Credit)

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