Beats PR Confirms New Products Coming on September 7th In Leaked Email

Beats leaked mail

One thing that all iPhone 7 rumors and alleged leaks appear to insist on is that the next Apple smartphone will not have a headphone jack. This means in addition to packing a lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter, Apple also needs to step up its game when it comes to wireless headphones. Sure Apple’s Beats offers a bunch of options when it comes to wireless headphones, however they are expensive and arguably outdated since we haven’t seen any new versions of Beats headphones for a while. Now a new leak that came directly from Apple’s Beats PR team confirms that the company will indeed launch new Beats headphones at September 7th event.

The email that was sent out by Beats PR team independently from Apple says “a selection of new Beats by Dre products will be unveiled” at this event. Email was leaked by French website igen. Now it would be interesting to see if those Beats products are bundled with Apple devices or are going to be available separately in its stores. Even if the Beats headphones are not going to be bundled with the iPhone 7 they are going to see a sales boost. Apple knows how sales of wireless headphones are going to shoot up after the iPhone ditches the headphone jack, Apple certainly wants to take home a major share of those sales.



Apple Airpods

Apple is also said to be working on what is dubbed as ‘AirPods’, which are basically cord-less headphones similar to Bragi Dash. Those headphones unlike Beats’ PowerBeats will not have wires at all and will allow users to use them by simply inserting them in their ears.

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