Apple Will Finally Start Removing Outdated, Dodgy And Broken Apps

App Store

In a move that should be welcomed by everyone who owns an iOS device, Apple has announced that it will soon begin the process improving the App Store. The improvements will include an ongoing process in which Apple will be evaluating applications in the App Store and removing those that don’t work as intended, are outdated or don’t follow App Store’s current review guidelines. The announcement comes after criticism from users who complain about the declining quality of apps in the store.

Apple says on its website that the evaluation process will begin on September 7th, which is also the day of iPhone 7 announcement. We are sure Eddy Cue will be making relevant announcements during the keynote, too. All apps will be checked to see if they properly meet the criterion. If an app is found to be in violation of current App Store guidelines, doesn’t work as advertised or is outdated the developer will be contacted by Apple and asked to make the necessary changes within 30 days. Those apps that are broken and simply crash when launched will be immediately removed from the App Store.

Apple will not be deleting removed apps from developer’s account and they will still see it in their account and retain its app name. If you are an Apple developer then it is a good idea to read the latest App Store Review Guidelines to see if your app still follows them.  (Apple)

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