Pixelmator Pro Demonstrated On Video, Coming This Fall

Pixelmator is our go to image editor, so most images you see here are edited using this tool. It is a great image editing tool for making quick edits on images while it can also be used for more advanced image creation and editing tasks. One big thing that I personally dislike about Pixelmator on the Mac is its user-interface that includes the editor, toolboxes etc are all over the place. The app does not have a window based UI which has its pros and cons, but the pros of the design are not really worth the cons.

Now it seems like Pixelmator is finally solving this problem problem for its users with the introduction of Pixelmator Pro, which has been designed from ground up to give users an even better experience. It features a new painting system, non-destructive editing, windowed UI, new effect layers and more. With the new side pane you can quickly get access to app’s features without having to search for them every time.

Pixelmator Pro is going to launch in the fall, however the team has been sharing preview teaser of the tool to get its fan base excited. Watch the video demos of the painting system and the UI experience below. You can learn more about Pixelmator Pro on the official website here.

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