Signal is a free iPhone app that lets you make fully encrypted calls

Signal app iPhone

With the recent revelations one thing is for sure that your phone calls are not secure. At any given moment a government agency, a hacker or some suspicious person could be listening to your conversations without you even realizing. One thing that you can do to save yourself from such a situation is to get an encrypted phone, which costs a lot of money. However if you are an iPhone user a new app called Signal can change things for you with its ability to encrypt both incoming and outgoing calls.

Signal provides maximum privacy to iOS users enabling them to make encrypted call for absolutely no charge. It provides end-to-end encryption using the modern ZRTP encryption protocol. The calls are made through WiFi or cellular data and not your cellular network.

Signal is totally free and open source. The developers of this app have shown commitment to improving it in the future as they also intend to include fully encrypted text messaging into their app as well.

Later this summer, Signal for iPhone will be expanded to support text communication compatible with TextSecure for Android. 

You can download Signal – Private Messenger for your iPhone for free from the App Store. You can learn more about the app and the team that developed Signal on Wired.

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  1. Signal is the promised iOS version of RedPhone on android, and you can make encrypted calls between the two.

  2. Until one comes along that works with your cellphone signal then they’re worthless. I’m sick of apps like this that require either data or Wifi to work. Make one that uses your cellphone network then we’ll talk about useful. Until then … next …

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