Use Alexa From Your Apple Watch With Voice In A Can App

Alexa has been on iPhone for over a year, however if you are someone who uses Amazon’s voice assistant a lot then you would know that it is currently not available on the Apple Watch. A third-party application called Voice in a Can changes that by allow users to add an Alexa complication to Watch faces that support Complications.

Once you have installed the app and added the complication to your Watch you will be able to use Alexa by simply tapping on the complication shortcut. The great thing about this app is that it works independently on the Watch, so you will be able to use it if your iPhone is not in the range. This is great for users of LTE models.

While you can use Voice in a Can to perform usual Alexa actions there are still limitations. For example, you can’t use the Alexa on your watch for stuff like phone calls, music and Echo announcements notes TheVerge, however it can still be used to control smart devices that don’t have HomeKit support.

You can download Voice in a Can app from the App Store, where it is available for $1.99.

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