Activate Live Photos on your iOS device with Live Photos Enabler tweak

Live Photos Enabler tweak

Apple has added a new feature on its latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus called Live Photos. This new feature allows users to record video footage of before and after moments of a photograph. The Live Photos feature is limited to the newest iPhones, however if you are jailbroken on iOS 9, you can get this functionality on any device. The new Live Photos Enabler tweak activates the Live Photos feature of iOS 9 on all devices, letting users take amazing photos right from the stock Camera app and view them in Photos app.

Since the hack enables native Live Photos feature of iOS, the tweak works exactly like it does on iPhone 6s. From Camera app you can enable or disable Live Photos option by tapping on the on-screen button. To view a photo’s ‘Live’ parts you just have to tap and hold on an image instead of force touching it.

According to developer’s own description of the tweak, Live Photo Enabler may cause performance issues in Camera app and may cause it to crash. If you find the app unusable then consider removing the tweak from your device for now.

You can download Live Photo Enabler from Cydia for free. To install it add ‘’ to your Cydia sources.

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