AntiTheft+ sends you a picture of your iPhone’s thief, activates location services

AntiTheft+ tweak

Find My iPhone service is great but it has its limitations. The new AntiTheft+ tweak is something you should install in addition to activating Apple’s own device recovery services. AntiTheft+ adds the must have security features to your device that includes an ability to take a photo of the thief and email it to you. In addition to that the tweak is also capable of enabling location services and disable the ability to turn off the device. All this is done in the background so the person trying to get access to your device has no clue what’s happening.

In addition to all that the tweak also disables access to the Control Center and allows users to enter a text that will be dictated to the thief. With no access to Control Center from the lockscreen the supposed thief will not be able to activate Airplane mode or disable WiFi. All this happens when someone gets access to your device and tries to unlock it with a wrong passcode.

On AntiTheft+’s settings page you can enter your phone number, which will be available to the person who finds the device, so he or she can contact you. You can also enter the email address in Settings and add a phrase you want to be narrated when someone enters the wrong passcode.

AntiTheft+ tweak is available in Cydia for $1.49

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