Bouncy tweak adds a fun effect to iOS animations

Bouncy tweak

iOS 7 is full of animations and transitions that are both loved and hated by the users. For those of you who like them and don’t feel motion sickness due to the animations our favorite operating system has to offer, a new tweak called Bouncy makes things a little more interesting. When installed Bouncy tweak as its name suggests adds a bouncing effect to the animations.

The effect, which has been shown in the video below can be seen when you open an app, open a folder or unlock your device. There are no options to configure for this tweak.

In case you are wondering the animations in the video above have been made faster using the NoSlowAnimations tweak i.e. available in Cydia for free.

You can get Bouncy from Cydia right now. It is available for free from the Big boss repository.

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