CarPlay++ Tweak Let’s You Change CarPlay Dashboard Layout, Label and Add Custom Wallpapers

CarPlay++ is a new tweak for jailbroken iPhone users that gives users ability to customize their CarPlay interface. With CarPlay++ tweak you can make changes to the Apple CarPlay dashboard and personalize the look and feel of it.

The biggest change that CarPlay++ tweak allows users to do is changing the number of rows and columns of CarPlay dashboard app icons. By default CarPlay displays 8 icons on its home screen in a layout of 2 rows and 4 columns. With this tweak you can change this and add more icons on a single CarPlay icon page.

In addition to changing the number of CarPlay app icons that can be stored on a single page, CarPlay++ users can also hide the CarPlay label from their dashboard. In addition to that this tweak hides the CarPlay label background color.

Users can also make other changes to the CarPlay label such as changing the text color and changing the CarPlay background. This means you can set any wallpaper as CarPlay wallpaper instead of being limited to a few stock options.

You can download the CarPlay++ tweak on your jailbroken iPhone from the Twickd repo. The tweak is available as a free download and works with iOS 13 up to iOS 14.5.

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