Check Out This Awesome Music App Inspired Cydia Redesign Concept

Those who jailbreak their devices know that Cydia is badly in need of a redesign. The previous and only redesign that Cydia received was back in 2013 when it got a flatter look and ditched the skeuomorphic design. Now in 2017 Cydia needs to update itself to look more modern and match other stock and third-party apps that are available on the iOS platform. A new concept that brings a Music app inspired look to Cydia shows us how a redesigned modern Cydia could look like.

The concept features a Home page and a Highlight page that displays newly released products and items that are on sale in the jailbreak store. Also present is the ‘Essentials’ section that showcases important must have tweaks to the users. The concept features a downloading bar that like the now playing song bar shows what’s downloading in the background. The downloads detail page and the restart springboard buttons have also received a facelift in this concept.

No matter how much users wish for a Cydia redesign the dream seems far from becoming a reality. With half-baked jailbreaks getting released and Apple adopting an aggressive approach when closing vulnerabilities in iOS user interest in jailbreak seems to be deteriorating. Even if that issue is ignored, the fact that Cydia can have an ever changing App Store like curated Home and Highlights sections doesn’t seem practical since Saurik doesn’t seem to have time or resources to do it.

Despite all this we hope someday in the future we can see a modern Cydia with a redesign similar or better than the one shown in the image above.

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