Conditional Tweak Lets You Choose Which Apps Can Access Wi-Fi And Cellular Data

Conditional Tweak

The new Conditional tweak gives users more control over which apps can access Wi-Fi and Cellular data on their device. With this hack users can choose whether they want an app to have access to Wi-Fi, Cellular data, both or none.

By default you can choose which apps get access to Cellular data on your device. By going into Settings you can enable or disable an app’s access to Mobile Data, however same cannot be done for Wi-Fi as every app installed on your device gets access to connected Wi-Fi network on your device.

Conditional tweak changes that. This tweak integrates with the Cellular section of the Settings app and adds an option to completely turn off Internet access for an app.

On the Cellular page you can find the stock or third-party app you want to turn off Internet access for and on the next page choose the Off option. This essentially lets you blacklist an app from connecting to the Internet.

In addition to Off you can also choose Wi-Fi for apps you want to only give Wi-Fi access to.

For apps that you want to use with both Wi-Fi and Cellular data, you can choose the Wi-Fi & Cellular Data option.

Conditional tweak activates the feature to turn off Wi-Fi access for apps, which is only available on some iPhone models in China. With this tweak you can get this feature no matter where you are.

You can download Conditional tweak from the Packix repo where it is available for free. The tweak works with iOS 13 or later including iOS 14.

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