ContactSync Tweak Syncs WhatsApp Profile Photos With Contacts App

WhatsApp Featured

WhatsApp Featured

If you are someone who likes to see recognizable faces in the Contacts list, then you’re going to like the ContactSync tweak.

This jailbreak tweak syncs WhatsApp profile photos to iPhone’s stock contacts list. So all the profile photos that your friends are using on their WhatsApp account will automatically be imported and applied to your Contacts list.

It downloads and applies high resolution pictures WhatsApp profile photos of your contacts and then automatically sets them as display pictures on iPhone’s Contacts app.

ContactSync tweak scans your WhatsApp contact list on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and updates your Contacts list with the up to date photo of your contact.

The tweak offers options like the ability for users to select a default phone number that will be used for contacts who have multiple phone numbers.

It can also be configured to only sync photos for selected users or exclude certain contacts from the syncing process.

You can configure all ContactSync settings from inside the WhatsApp settings.

Having up to date photos of your contacts in iPhone’s Contacts list is important. Because these images appear in various parts of the iOS UI including Messages app, for incoming calls and more.

ContactSync tweak is available on developer’s repo (

It costs $1.99 and is available in English, Arabic and Portuguese languages. You can download this tweak on any iOS version from iOS 9 to iOS 13.

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