Convos tweak brings pin function for conversations among other things

Convos tweak

For many the stock Messages app is their most used section of iOS. This app lets you communicate with your friends through iMessage and SMS. The new Convos tweak makes the experience of using the app better by letting you customize how it works and adding new features to it. The changes Convos makes to this stock iOS app make us wonder why Apple didn’t have them as part of the application in the first place. This tweak adds features like pinned conversations, conversation sorting and more.

With Convos installed on your jailbroken device you can pin any conversation to the top of the conversation list page. This feature also prevents a conversation from getting deleted as it blocks the delete function for pinned conversations. You can mark any conversation that was previously read as unread to remind yourself to come back to it later. You can also have time stamps show in natural language.

Convos tweak allows users to make visual changes to the Messages app including the ability to change the color of the conversation items, remove table separators to get a minimalistic look, remove tap selection, remove URL underlines that appear in message bubbles. It also adds the ability for user to hide sender’s name and more.

Convos tweak is available in Cydia for $1.29 and supports all versions of iOS 8.

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