Crystal Tweak Automatically Disables Noise Cancellation On AirPods Pro At A Certain Volume

AirPods Pro in ear
AirPods Pro in ear

If you are an AirPods Pro user, then you would know that in order to switch between noise cancellation and transparency modes you have to press and hold the force sensor of the device. You can also change them from Control Center.

A newly released jailbreak tweak called Crystal makes the process of enabling and disabling noise cancellation on AirPods Pro automatic. It does so by tying the noise cancellation and transparancy modes with the volume of the device.

Crystal tweak will automatically disable the noise cancellation feature and enable transparency mode when the volume is reduced to a certain user specified level.

The tweak automatically enables the noise cancellation mode of the AirPods Pro when the user increases the volume to a higher level.

A great thing about this tweak is that it gives users the opportunity to set a high and low volume, so you can set your desired volume for when you want the device to enable and disable noise cancellation automatically.

Crystal tweak is useful for users who want to be able to listen to someone without removing their AirPods and turning off the noise cancellation feature manually.

You can download Crystal tweak from the Packix repo where it is available as a free download.

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