How To Monitor Kids’ WhatsApp, SMS, calls, And More On iPhone Without Them Knowing

If you are someone who is concerned about how your kids use their iPhone and who they are talking to, then you are not alone. As the use of smartphones has become commonplace parents around the world are seen confused about how they can monitor their kids and make sure they only use their iPhone for its intended purpose.

Using KidsGuard Pro iPhone monitoring app parents get over 20 iOS monitoring features including but not limited to ability to monitor social media usage, track incoming and outgoing calls, see media files stored on the kid’s device, web browsing history, messages and more.

Some of the apps that can be monitored using this tool include WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Kik Messenger and more. You can even see what files and emojis your kids have been sending using these applications, which can be handy in knowing the nature of conversations they are having with their friends.

For calls you can see the names of the people your kids are talking to as well as when the call was made and its duration. Parents can also see the media files that are stored on their kid’s iPhone. You can see the photos and videos on their iPhone while also having the ability to listen to voice memos.

While you can monitor the on-device data quite easily with this tool you can also use it to see delete files, which is super useful when your kid has discovered that you are monitoring his or her iPhone and tries to delete concerning things before you can see them.

How to monitor your kid’s iPhone with KidsGuard Pro

Setting up KidsGuard Pro is simple and takes a few minutes. In this guide we will show you how you can set up this tool and use it to monitor your kid’s iPhone. Here’s how to monitor iPhone without jailbreaking.

Step 1: Create an account on KidsGuard Pro’s website and purchase a plan.

Step 2: Now enter the iCloud ID of the device you want to monitor and click on Continue.

Step 3: Next you will be able to start monitoring the target iPhone remotely using the online panel.

If you don’t see the data right away, give it a few hours as the syncing might take some time to complete for the first time.

This is how you can set up KidsGuard Pro in a few easy to follow steps and get started within a few minutes.

After testing out the KidsGuard Pro I have to say it is a must have tool for parents and guardians looking to protect their kids online. In today’s world where exploitation and online bullying is rampant, every responsible parent needs tools like this to make sure their kids are safe online. 

As a parent you can do a lot to keep your child safe by knowing their location, seeing who they are talking to, the websites they visit and more. All of which is possible with KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a paid tool and is available on monthly subscription basis. You can take advantage of all of its features by paying $39.95 per month.

You can get 20% discount on KidsGuard Pro for the monthly subscription by using our code TTE-SED-AFE.

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